• A collection of videos and archives
  • about the ship made in
  • Belfast, which sank
  • on her maiden voyage
  • 1861
    Edward J. Harland and Gustav W. Wolff create Harland & Wolff.
  • 1895
    William Pirrie becomes H&W chairman. H&W to be sole supplier to White Star Line.
  • 1907
    Designs begin in the H&W Drawing Office for Olympic, Titanic and Britannic.
  • 1908
    Designs of Olympic and Titanic by Comber man Thomas Andrews are approved.
  • 1909
    Construction of Titanic begins in Slipway No. 3. Her keel is laid.
  • 1910
    Plating is finished on Titanic.
  • 1911
    Titanic hull is launched and afloat for the first time in Belfast Lough.
  • 1912
    The fitting of Titanic is completed and the ship is ready to sail.
  • The Titanic’s sea trials are postponed due to bad weather.
  • Titanic begins one day of sea trials, before returning to Belfast.
  • Declared seaworthy, Titanic bids farewell to Belfast.
  • Titanic arrives in Southampton ahead of her maiden voyage.
  • Titanic is loaded with supplies. Her crew is hired.
  • Captain Smith comes aboard. Ill health stops Lord Pirrie at the last minute.
  • Passengers begin boarding.
  • Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton.
  • Titanic reaches Cherbourg, France, to pick up more passengers.
  • Titanic departs Queenstown, Ireland, for New York, raising anchor for the last time.
  • Captain Smith retires to his room before the last of several ice warnings is received.
  • Frederick Fleet sees an iceberg, rings the bell, shouts ‘Iceberg, right ahead!’
  • Order is given to steer the ship and put the engines in reverse.
  • Titanic strikes the iceberg on starboard side, travelling at over 20 knots.
  • In less than 10secs, the hull is damaged below the waterline over 300 ft.
  • Five watertight compartments are flooded to 14 ft.
  • Thomas Andrews tells Captain Smith the ship is doomed.
  • Order is given to uncover the lifeboats and wake up passengers.
  • First distress signal is transmitted. It is picked up by Carpathia.
  • Order is given to load the lifeboats with passengers, women and children first.
  • First lifeboat is lowered into the freezing water, with 28 people on board.
  • Last lifeboat is lowered -1,500 people remain on board. Titanic's bow is submerged.
  • Captain Smith tells his crew: 'It’s every man for himself.'
  • Titanic breaks in two. The bow half sinks. The stern becomes level before filling with water.
  • Stern tilts upward and sinks, with the loss of over 1,500 lives.
  • First lifeboat is spotted and picked up by Carpathia.
  • Carpathia leaves site with 705 survivors on board.
  • Shock on both sides of the Atlantic at the loss of Titanic.
  • Carpathia arrives in New York with survivors.
  • Over 300 bodies are brought back from the site of the sinking and buried in Halifax, Canada.
  • The US Senate ends its inquiry into the sinking. Joseph Bruce Ismay testified.
  • The British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry into the disaster ends.
  • 1920
    A Titanic Memorial is unveiled on the grounds of Belfast City Hall.
  • 1955
    Publication of Walter Lord’s book A Night to Remember.
  • 1958
    Premiere of A Night to Remember, produced by William MacQuitty.
  • 1985
    Robert Ballard discovers the wreck on the ocean floor.
  • 2012
    The world's largest Titanic-themed exhibition opens in Belfast.
The Titanic Timeline
We heard all the screams ... We couldn’t do anything. The screams went on for some considerable time.”
Joseph Boxall, Junior Officer