Jackal ready for biggest fight to date

Jackal ready for biggest fight to date

Belfast boxer Carl Frampton says he is confident ahead of the biggest fight of his career to date, despite his rival's best efforts to unnerve him.

'The Jackal' has been training at a ten-week bootcamp in London ahead of Saturday's European title clash against Spain's Kiko Martinez at the Odyssey Arena.

And he told UTV he is focused on claiming the title as part of his longer term plans to dominate the world of boxing.

"Since I've been a wee boy I've had a dream of becoming a world champion and I stand on the road to that so I got to deal with him, I've got to look good and impressive and beat this guy and then we can look at world titles but on the 9 February I want to give this guy a lesson," he said.

Frampton has been taking influence from manager, former world champion Barry McGuigan, and putting the hours in the ring with Shane McGuigan, who was Ulster Senior Champion before taking on the training role.

His manager said that the Tiger's Bay brawler has been working hard to prepare for the fight.

"I see in the gym the type of potential that he has and I've been accused before - 'you go on too much about him', but when you see him it's hard not to," McGuigan said.

"He'll have to be in the shape of his life for this fight because Martinez is a power puncher, he likes to have a fight.

"I think the contrast between his fight and Frampton's fight will make for a phenomenal fight.

"I think it will be a great night of boxing and I'm convinced that Frampton will win and win in style."

I'll just bite my tongue for the time being. We'll see on fight night, I'll let my fists do the talking.

Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton

Martinez has been piling the pressure on Frampton, claiming he will knock him out in his hometown.

"I think Frampton will try to run, I think he'll box and he won't go toe-to-toe," 26-year-old Martinez said.

"I know I'm a lot stronger than him. When I'm in the ring with him, he won't want to fight with me.

"He knows it, his corner knows it and all of Ireland knows it."

"I feel I will win by knockout, or they'll stop the fight cause of the beating I'm going to put on him, that's how I see it in my mind," he added.

"I don't worry about the judges. This is a great country for boxing, it's a serious title up for grabs and it's not Germany or France. They know about boxing here and the judges will be fair."

Saturday's game is Frampton's 16th professional fight- in September he demolished former World Champion Steve Molitor to mark his arrival on the world boxing scene.

But Martinez says that performance was overrated and he will not be deterred fighting overseas having boxed in Belfast in July and three times in Dublin, including a first round KO of Bernard Dunne.

"I think Molitor didn't have a lot of time to prepare for that fight, and he didn´t really want to fight anymore," added Martinez.

Frampton was playing his cards much closer to his chest but said he has changed up his tactics ahead of the clash coming out of the training camp.

"I've probably done more round sparring than I've ever done before, the intensity has picked up a little more," he told UTV.

"At the minute he sounds like a desperate man. He seems to forget he's the guy that's pulled out twice on me.

"I'm always confident going into every fight, I always go into every fight thinking I'm going to win."

He added: "I know there's doubts in his mind."


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