Harrington on McIlroy Olympic dilemma

Published Wednesday, 09 January 2013
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Three-time major winner Padraig Harrington has given his view on Rory McIlroy's Olympics dilemma, saying that he has "massive sympathy" for the Holywood man.

Harrington on McIlroy Olympic dilemma
Padraig Harrington of Ireland weighed in on the issue. (© Getty)

Like all Northern Ireland athletes, Rory can choose between representing Team GB or Ireland.

Having seen the reaction last Autumn to his comments that he felt "more British", Rory has indicated that he may not go to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil at all - due to the possibility of offending either side.

Speaking about the issue ahead of this week's Volvo Golf Champions, the Dublin golfer said: "I have massive sympathy as an Irishman and massive sympathy more so as a sportsman.

"No sportsman should have to make that decision. That's it, straightforward - nobody at 23 years of age should be asked to make that decision.

"And the reality is there've been people in politics for the last hundred years who have tried to negotiate that and haven't been able to. So why would you ask a 23-year-old just because he's going to hit a little white golf ball?

"It's very unfortunate and I think it is unfortunate in the sense that it means a great deal for golf for him to play.

"It's a very big deal because golf (not part of the Games for over a century) is only on a trial period in the Olympics.

"We have two runs at it and we do, as golfers, have to perform and put our best foot forward, so it would be nice if the world number one is there and he's supporting the event.

"It's an extraordinarily difficult decision. We need our best players to play in the Olympics to show that golf is serious in the Olympics.

"It would be nice if the Olympic council would say 'Here we go, you can play in the Olympics', or make the decision on their behalf.

"There's going to be no winner out of this one whatever."

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Iain in Belfast wrote (742 days ago):
Ah Ryan, ryan, ryan. You call yourself a "fair minded individual" eh? You have stuck the boot into Mcllroy plenty of times on this website (the NI flag is "sectarian" in your own words I recall and that he has turned his back on his irish support - just 2 nuggets of wisdom from you). Mcllroy won't even compete because of all this rubbish. Its quite comical that you try to come across as something you clearly are not. You ain't fooling anyone so stop pretending to be fair minded when you clearly see the world through a pair of blinkers.
godot in still on my armchair. wrote (744 days ago):
The tumbleweed just rolled past my window there. Three days and counting. Not holding out much hope for my contribution to appear. Any chance of some neutral looking at it to decide?
C in Saintfield wrote (744 days ago):
Tremendous sympathy for Rory, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. If he was married to Caroline Wozniaki, could he opt to represent Denmark?
godot in armchair, front room wrote (745 days ago):
Still waiting on my comment appearing, thanks.
Ryan in Belfast wrote (745 days ago):
@Iain, Belfast: Yes boo hoo, thank you for your sympathy Iain, i appreciate it. Iain, when have i ever given abuse to anyone? Im a fair minded individual but im a passionate nationalist/republican.
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