Fury's war of words over weekend fight

Published Wednesday, 28 November 2012
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Tyson Fury had a fierce showdown with American boxer Kevin 'Kingpin' Johnson on Wednesday, ahead of their weekend clash.

Fury's war of words over weekend fight
Kevin Johnson and Tyson Fury come face to face before their weekend clash. (© Pacemaker)

The 24-year-old told journalists he was preparing to become the first Irish heavyweight champion of the world, despite cries from Johnson that he is out of shape.

The fight will take place in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, a city which Tyson describes as "like a second home".

But during a pre-fight press conference, American opposition Kevin Johnson said he believes it will not be a walk in the park for Tyson.

The heavyweight champion of the world always comes from America. And that is moi.

Kevin Johnson

"I'm one of the most feared heavyweights out there," Kevin explained, adding that he is looking forward to fighting someone on his level.

"A lot of people would not take a fight with me. If you think about it, over the last couple of years in boxing, not one top 10 heavyweight winner ever fought me.

"Why? Because it's not an easy walk in the park," said the Atlanta man, who is nine years older than his opponent.

But despite Kevin's big talk, Tyson feels the American team have not prepared properly for the clash.

"They've underestimated me," Tyson told UTV Sport.

"I read in the paper this morning his trainer said Tyson was slow and methodical and no movement, and that's totally the opposite. They must be looking at old fights, and he has not put the training in."

Tyson went on to describe himself as "unbeatable".

"Johnson is a stepping stone for me. I'm looking to put on a great display for the Belfast fans and I will win because I know how to win," he added.

I’m unbeatable ... Tyson Fury is going to be the best heavyweight of all time.

Tyson Fury

Kevin turned pro in 2002 - six years before Tyson made the switch to professional boxing - but he is coming into the clash off the back of a loss to New York fighter Tor Hamer.

However, that has not dented his confidence against his 6'9" opponent.

"I have been going up against the big things all my life," he explained. "This is what I do. This guy is too inexperienced. I will start it, and I will end it."

"I'm going to win this fight for three reasons," Kevin told UTV.

"One - because the women want me to win.

"Two - because the heavyweight champion of the world must be tall, dark, and handsome, cool calm, collected, sweet, sensual and sexy."

© UTV News
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Martin in Bristol wrote (789 days ago):
It seems WE are....and a touchy bunch with it.
Baz in Belfast wrote (790 days ago):
@Martin in Bristol.... Are you really from Bristol? I dont get you, He has every right to fight and set up in Belfast if he has Irish connections, Claiming your from bristol what does "doesn't make him one of us" mean? Are you english or of Irish decent or did you just pick the city of bristol for the hell of it, get a life and wish the Irish man of "Decent" and a good fight and hope he wins, Good luck Tyson and bring on Price and/or Klitschko !
Ryan in Belfast wrote (790 days ago):
@Martin, Bristol. Martin, what does it matter where a person is born? In Tyson furys case his mother and father were both irish born. By your logic, If furys mother and father had moved to China instead of England, does that mean Furys chinese? of course not. If you come from Irish heritage/bloood then your entitled to call yourself Irish or any other nationality. E.g You have german blood, then you can say your of German heritage, if you have french blood, then you can say your of french heritage, etc. Where a person is born doesnt matter at all.
Barry in London wrote (791 days ago):
3. Who am I kidding And he has fought Top 10 HWs - Klitschko destroyed him
Martin in Bristol wrote (791 days ago):
Isn't Fury from Manchester - Irish decent admittedly and good luck to him, but just cos he sets up in belfast, wears the shamrock and enters the ring to the dropkick Murphy's (from Boston) doesn't make him one of us.. we turn on young Rory for his views but embrace this guy, Are we really so shallow!
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