Barnes ready for war after snow 'attack'

Barnes ready for war after snow 'attack'

Little Belfast lad Oscar Knox better watch out - he's got an Olympic boxer hot on his heels after an audacious snowball attack on the home of Paddy Barnes.

Not only was Wee Oscar brave enough to head round to Paddy's place to 'do his windies', the four-year-old even confessed all on Twitter.

While the two-time bronze medallist wasn't in at the time, he was soon provided with video evidence and a little message complete with a cheeky "haha" at the end.

Wee Oscar - who, by the way, is swiftly catching up to Paddy when it comes to Twitter followers - is spotted in the footage well wrapped up to keep out the cold during the recent wintry weather.

With the help of two 'accomplices' (suspected to be Mum and Dad), he then lets loose with some well-aimed snowballs.

"Take that, Paddy Barnes!" he giggles gleefully, before making his escape.

Taking the fight to the Belfast boxer's own front door is an escalation after Wee Oscar recently used another video to call him out, declaring: "I want to box you, Paddy Barnes!"

Now, it looks like retaliation could be on the cards.

But it's unlikely that even an Olympian is any match for tough cookie Oscar, as the four-year-old is already fighting a much harder battle - against a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma.

That struggle has taken him to the US and back again in a bid to have life-saving treatment, with his story and fund-raising efforts winning him thousands of fans across Northern Ireland and beyond.

Paddy Barnes is just one of the many stars from across the worlds of sport, television and music to back Team Oscar and the ongoing Oscar Knox Appeal.


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