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Canadian ambassador tackles 1916 memorial protester

Canadian ambassador Kevin Vickers, who made headlines for shooting dead a gunman that opened fire in the Canadian House of Commons, tackled a protester who disrupted a memorial to British soldiers killed during the 1916 Easter Rising.

ITV Hub to roll out in Northern Ireland

The ITV Hub is set to become available to UTV viewers from Monday 6 June, giving audiences in Northern Ireland full online access to all of ITV’s channels for the first time.

Ministers appointed to new NI Executive

Northern Ireland’s new power-sharing Executive has been formed – with the seats divided between MLAs from the DUP and Sinn Féin, after Independent unionist Claire Sugden was appointed Justice Minister.

Crash driver ‘ignored medical advice not to drive’

A construction worker who ignored medical advice to never drive again after he'd been diagnosed as suffering from epileptic seizures and who crashed into a car twelve days after the diagnosis, critically injuring its 60-year-old driver, was jailed for three years at the Crown Court in Derry on Wednesday.

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