Widow hopes 'ghost bike' helps safety

Widow hopes 'ghost bike' helps safety

The widow of a cyclist who died on the Ormeau Road in Belfast has told UTV she hopes the 'ghost bike' left at the spot where the crash happened can serve as a reminder to other road users of the importance of staying safe.

A bicycle painted completely white was locked to the railings of the bridge after Michael Caulfield was killed in a collision with a lorry on 15 April 2011.For mother of four Bernadette Caulfield the grief is still very raw."It was like slow motion," she explained. "It was like 'this isn't happening to me'. It's hard to live with, people think you just get over it after a year and move on but that's not it."It's hard to cope with."More and more people are choosing to travel by bicycle but with the roads becoming busier and busier, a simple journey can carry many risks.Gordon Clarke works with the government to try and make it safer for cyclists.He said: "We know that there are major gaps in the infrastructure and there are reasons why a lot of the population don't cycle, particularly young children and women in particular."They find safety as their number one concern so, yes there are dangers, but those are being addressed and hopefully as they improve then there will be more people cycling."The hazards facing all road users in Northern Ireland are well documented. Six deaths in the first two weeks of 2014 prompted police to warn of a road safety emergency.Bernadette said she hopes the ghost bike on the Ormeau Road can serve as a reminder of her husband and a warning to other road users."I want it to stay there," she said."I just think that if one person, just one person passes it and thinks to check, it could make a difference to someone's life and then it's worth it."Our director In @SustransNI Gordon Clarke will be on @utv news tonight re cycle safety . Interviewer Sharon O'neill pic.twitter.com/NRBVF55dQE— Sustrans NI (@SustransNI) January 15, 2014


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