Video messages hit back at 'joyriders'

Published Tuesday, 04 February 2014
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Families bereaved as a result of car crime are hitting back at so-called 'death drivers', infiltrating social media networks with unexpectedly poignant videos with a hard-hitting message.

At first glance, the videos look like just more compilations of stolen cars being raced recklessly around the streets - like those posted online by either the people involved or willing spectators.

But anyone who clicks on them expecting to revel in such criminality probably gets more than they bargained for.

One of the videos, which has been viewed over 5,800 times since being posted just days ago, starts out with footage of illegal street racing taken on the Falls Road in west Belfast on New Year's Eve.

After a few more examples of similar incidents, complete with whistles and cheers from those watching, the video cuts abruptly to a young child lying unconscious in hospital.

While the little boy survived, the crash in which he was injured killed both his parents and left him and his sister orphaned.

"I pray for them to come back," he says simply. "I always do that."

It serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by car crime.

Racing stolen cars can prove fatal, to innocent victims and to those involved. It already has.

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Dorothy in Kansas wrote (357 days ago):
carol diett in dunmurry... That's it Carol, don't miss a chance to lay the blame on Sinn Fein. You're not a Loyalist, by any chance, are you?
James in Comber wrote (357 days ago):
This is a joke!!!!! What are the PSNI doing about these people. I will tell you nothing!!! I of course hardworking law abiding citizen was driving home from a Hospital appointment few weeks back (Saturday). Heading up the Castlereagh rd I herd a police sirens. I seen the blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror, little did I know it was me they were wanting to pull over. The reason!! their records on their system showed I had no car insurance. I was not a happy person because I had car insurance. I hadn't it with me but at home. In had 7 days to produce it which I did the next day (Sunday) at Ards Police Station. It makes me so mad that I was stopped and these thugs are getting away scott free to annoy their communities racing in stolen cars. Seems one rule for one law abiding citizens and one for the Lawless-ness we are seeing.
carol diett in dunmurry wrote (357 days ago):
why are the media now calling these thieving thugs death drivers?? they used to be poor downtrodden joyriders who were bored because they had no jobs and nothing to do!! it was a sport ,steal some mugs car ,rake it to destruction and maybe if they were lucky enough they might just knock down a cop or soldier !!! sinn fein were always on protecting the poor lambs cos they were 2nd class with no hope !
Bernie in Belfast wrote (357 days ago):
what a heart breaking thing to watch, it caught me out and made me cry, once again the families who have been victims of so called joyriders have had to come out and stand up for our communities plagued by the car thieves, shame on anyone who even cheers them on, what are the Judges doing letting them out again and again, who's family will be the next victim before they stop
flipperni in londonderry wrote (357 days ago):
These so called joyriders were named on Facebook a few weeks ago with links to their Facebook pages which boast of what they had being doing, pictures included, why have the police not followed up on the evidence? If they can track down abusive tweets and abusive Facebook comments from anonymous sources this should be a piece of cake for them.
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