Six held after RIRA threatens police

Published Monday, 09 April 2012
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Six men have been arrested by detectives investigating a dissident republican parade, which took place in Londonderry on Easter Monday.

Six held after RIRA threatens police
Dissident republican spokesman reads letter at Easter parade. (© Pacemaker)

The Real IRA vowed to continue its campaign of violence against the police and army in Northern Ireland during the 32 County Sovereignty Movement's annual commemoration at Creggan cemetery.

Several hundred dissident republican supporters watched as a colour party marched to the cemetery.

After wreaths were laid, a masked man wearing black combat clothing addressed the crowd and threatened further violence against police and soldiers.

He claimed to be speaking on behalf of the organisation Óglaigh na hÉireann and said they would continue to attack "Crown forces" and "British interests and infrastructure".

His words were met with applause by the crowd.

A PSNI helicopter hovered overhead during the event but there was no attempt to move in as police officers kept their distance.

In a statement, police said they "took the decision to run a low-key operational response to the event".

"Any alleged breaches of criminal law reported to police or coming to our attention will be rigorously and thoroughly investigated," local area commander Chief Inspector Gary Eaton said.

"The PSNI work to ensure that all their actions are appropriate, proportionate and lawful. Our priorities are to protect the public, preserve public order, uphold the human rights of all and gather evidence of any wrong-doing," he added.

The six men, who were arrested in connection with the incident on Monday afternoon, have been taken to Antrim Serious Crime Suite for questioning.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

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Frosty in Here wrote (1,019 days ago):
Realist in England, the people of 2012 are an extremely diverse bunch too. The fact is that you can't section off parts of history, it's an on-going story, only the characters change, it all blends in, but it's not all conjoined, yet it does have an affect on the future. The people who read out this statement have nothing to offer the majority other than drugs, death, fear rather than loyalty, robberies and vigilante justice, if you do them a favour in return. The twats who stood and applauded are the pawns in an age-long game of chess. It's all about little empires, it's all about control. It has never been about freedom. If they so desire the dismantling of the British establishment here, am assuming they also mean their homes, social security benefits, anyone who speaks English and the free NHS hospitals they send so many of their customers to?
Iain in Belfast wrote (1,020 days ago):
So the next time a police officer is shot dead (ie Ronan Kerr etc) lets just think about this story and all the idiots who support this rubbish. Big man hiding behind a balaclava. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH OUR SOCIETY.
Realist in England wrote (1,020 days ago):
Maggie, that is a pointless and overly simplistic question. The men and women of 1916 were an extremely diverse bunch - extreme lefties in Connolly's Citizens Army, pragmatists like Clarke (who almost certainly would have supported the RIRA to be fair), nobility in Markievicz, Catholic/Gaelic extremists like Pearse (who would probably be against them as they push neither of those things, but would appreciate them simply for existing - think 'in every generation...'), etc. In reality, the only people who can answer your question correctly are the people involved and they are all dead. The whole idea of even asking it is an anachronism. They didn't have TV's back then(!) and Ireland was a totally different place socially and politically. As was Europe in general with WWI raging and people dying in their millions. Britain claimed that, in part, was for the right of small nations to be free but did not afford the courtesy to Ireland. The Easter Rising and its players have to be considered in their historical context. Therefore, even being able to answer your question with a yes or no (almost certainly with a qualified 'yes'), is fairly meaningless.
maggie in north west wrote (1,020 days ago):
Does ANYONE think the people who was involved in the Easter Rising would apprecate those hooded thugs acting big in front of cameras giving threats to the PSNI who are only carrying out their duty. We had Naula Kerr encouraging the Catholics join the force and these thugs issuing threats. PSNI did well to stand back and take pictures pity they could do that years ago
joe in belfast wrote (1,020 days ago):
Wolfe Tone in West Belfast wrote (1 day ago): These people are not Republicans! They are criminals masquerading as Republicans.... PIRA did the same, whats the difference ?
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