Sanctuary inundated with Xmas pups

Published Saturday, 29 December 2012
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An animal sanctuary outside Newtownards said it has been inundated with requests to re-home puppies, many unwanted Christmas presents.

Sanctuary inundated with Xmas pups
Some of the puppies at Assisi. (© UTV)

Assisi Animal Sanctuary has already taken in 18 dogs and puppies over the festive period and volunteers say their waiting list is endless.

Eleven pups arrived there after their mum's owner couldn't cope with such a large litter just before Christmas.

Many of the dogs are unwanted presents.

"A dog does change their lifestyle," said animal welfare assistant Sinead Hay. "There's taking them for walks, cleaning up after them and then there's the veterinary side of things.

"Lots of puppies are brought into the house and the novelty wears off and then what happens to the dog?"

There are currently 50 dogs and puppies and 50 cats and kittens at Assisi as well as 30 rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.

With on average three requests a day to re-home unwanted animals and more still after Christmas, especially in January and February, that number will just keep on growing.

Tricia Mitchell, who is hoping to take home a dog, said: "We purposely waited until just after Christmas because we knew people get dogs that they don't want and then decide after they don't want them.

"Even if you can't take a dog home for good, you can volunteer in other ways such as taking them for walks or even fostering."

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Cheryl walker in Dromore wrote (745 days ago):
What is wrong with people! Why get an animal in the first place, this makes my blood boil.
Ben in Dublin wrote (755 days ago):
@John in Belfast wrote (16 hours ago)I am looking for a pug to keep the one i have company. John i can tell you i did just that for my dog, it was probably the worst decision i made. 2 dogs competeing for your attention. I had a crazy house for a long time. My first dog who was well behaved turned into a completely different dog when i got another dog. From experience i would think twice.
stacey in antrim wrote (755 days ago):
I think its awful that ppl do that 2 pets I have 2 dogs that I love very much I got them 4 my kids last xmas and I wouldn't part with them the youngest I have I found out when he was 14 weeks he was brain damaged and was told I could put him down if I wanted and I didn't have the heart I still have him the day and he's 7 months old now I would never put them out on the street
ISOBEL in antrim wrote (756 days ago):
Michael the only thing with ur comment re naming and shaming is that the animals wouldnt be handed in to animal sactuaries - they would discard them like rubbish at the sides of roads or put them in a sack and throw it into a river. Not nice, I agree but Its those that see breeding as a way to make ££££ -that need to be targeted.
John in Belfast wrote (756 days ago):
I am looking for a pug to keep the one i have company.
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