'SF wallowing in murder' - Dodds

Published Wednesday, 15 January 2014
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The DUP's Nigel Dodds has accused Sinn Féin of "wallowing in murder" by refusing to take leadership over what he said was the party's "continued glorification of past terrorism".

'SF wallowing in murder' - Dodds
Nigel Dodds was speaking in the House of Commons. (© UTV)

The North Belfast MP made the remarks during Northern Ireland question time in the House of Commons.

He was responding to the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness' comments that unionists were "dancing to the tune of extremists" within their own communities.

Mr McGuinness made the remarks after a Sinn Féin motion to accept the Haass proposals failed in the Assembly.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Dodds said: "The comments by Martin McGuinness on extremism are seen by many on both sides of the community as not only untrue, but a transparent attempt to distract from Sinn Féin's abject lack of leadership in relation to addressing their continued glorification of past terrorist crimes as was witnessed in Castlederg this summer.

"This is causing enormous damage to community relations.

"Will the Secretary of State, urge Sinn Féin to stop wallowing in the filth of murder?"

Mr Dodds also called on Ms Villiers to "acknowledge the severe damage caused to policing" after Gerry Kelly was handed an informed warning after he was carried on the bonnet of a Land Rover during a disturbance in north Belfast.

Sammy Wilson, also of the DUP, accused the PSNI of "bias" in their treatment of loyalists.

He said: "While it is important that those who are involved in damaging public order disturbances should know they will be punished, the biased way in which the PSNI are dealing with these situations is alienating sections of the community and making effective policing more difficult."

Secretary of State Villiers urged all elected representatives to support police officers in their duties and called on the political parties in Northern Ireland to continue the work of Haass in order to make progress.

I think there is a lot of merit in the Haass proposals, I think he did some excellent work.

David Cameron

Later during Prime Minster's question time, David Cameron, said there was "merit" in the proposals put forward by the former US diplomat, Richard Haass.

He was responding to a question from Alliance's Naomi Long.

The East Belfast MP said: "The Prime Minister has previously shown considerable leadership in apologising to victims of state violence in Northern Ireland.

"Unfortunately those victims of paramilitary violence, who made up the majority of victims of the Troubles, have not had access to such apologies.

"Does the Prime Minister agree that the Haass proposals for dealing with the past, offer the best opportunity for victims and survivors to receive truth and justice?

"And will he commit, as Prime Minister, to backing those proposals, helping by cooperating and by funding those proposals?"

Prime Minister David Cameron responded: "I noted Peter Robinson described the Haass proposals as providing the architecture for future agreement and discussion.

"I Hope we can take the Haass work, including the very difficult work done on the past, and take that forward with all sides trying to agree."

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Ryan in An Dun wrote (375 days ago):
This comes from a man who marches behind loyalist bands honouring loyalist terrorists? Say what you will about Sinn Fein but the fact of the matter is with more unionist parties to split the vote Sinn Fein share of the vote will rise.
Eamonn in Belfast wrote (376 days ago):
To Iain The shinners get an industrial wage and do not make any gains from monies paid North South or across the water. "Sinn Féin MPs, like all party members who are paid a wage, receive exactly the same average industrial wage which is £356 per week, net." Now can you say that about the DUP millionaires? Sinn Fein are a working class party for the people.
Dorothy in Kansas wrote (376 days ago):
To go into politics is a noble cause. To go into politics to try to better the lot of ALL the people you represent is a noble thing to do. To go into politics to peddle sectarianism and foster thuggery is evil and unforgivable.
Martin in Carrick wrote (376 days ago):
Ahh sure, the joy of Northern Ireland politics.
Deeko in Belfast UK wrote (376 days ago):
@ Shamrock please dont compare the GREAT names of the ROYAL ULSTER CONSTABULARY AND THE ULSTER DEFENCE REGIMENT with Terrorist Groups.
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