Republican parade passes peacefully

Republican parade passes peacefully

A contentious republican parade has passed off peacefully in north Belfast.

A loyalist protest was also held on Sunday.There was a heavy police presence in the area to separate loyalist protestors from the commemoration parade as it passed through Carlisle Circus.Around 300 people took part in the controversial Henry Joy McCracken parade from Ardoyne onto Clifton Street and Henry Place.As a number of the bands passed Clifton Street Orange Hall, missiles were thrown - but the main parade passed off peacefully.Two years ago, serious violence erupted as the parade made its way along the Carlisle Circus area.PSNI Chief Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw said: "Today's Henry Joy Commemoration Committee Parade in north Belfast passed off very peacefully."A significant policing and evidence gathering operation was put in place."Any breaches of Parades Commission determinations will be investigated and reported accordingly."CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)


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