Republican parade passes peacefully

Published Sunday, 31 August 2014
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A contentious republican parade has passed off peacefully in north Belfast.

A loyalist protest was also held on Sunday.

There was a heavy police presence in the area to separate loyalist protestors from the commemoration parade as it passed through Carlisle Circus.

Around 300 people took part in the controversial Henry Joy McCracken parade from Ardoyne onto Clifton Street and Henry Place.

As a number of the bands passed Clifton Street Orange Hall, missiles were thrown - but the main parade passed off peacefully.

Two years ago, serious violence erupted as the parade made its way along the Carlisle Circus area.

PSNI Chief Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw said: "Today's Henry Joy Commemoration Committee Parade in north Belfast passed off very peacefully.

"A significant policing and evidence gathering operation was put in place.

"Any breaches of Parades Commission determinations will be investigated and reported accordingly."

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PJ in Newry wrote (151 days ago):
The Parade was an commemoration of United Irishman patriot Henry Joy Mc Cracken from Belfast who mainly were Presbyterians first fathers of republicans who united Catholic and Protestants and others to oppose injustice and fight British aggressors of their occupation in Ireland
John-Irish in Belfast wrote (152 days ago):
Shouldn't be marching past the orange hall at all and yea I agree all the silly parades in this wonderful country need to stop it is holding us back along with a few other things from the past and the people appointed to run this country DUP and Sinn fein are holding it back to time for the new generation that know what the young ones want only thing Sinn Fein is doing good is blocking that welfare reform cause if it does go throw all the poor will be worse of and the elderly people that dont deserve it just so the DUP can keep England happy and David Cameron but he will be gone next year fingers crossed.
Markoo in BELFAST wrote (152 days ago):
QUESTION FOR PARADES COMMISSION.. Why are the supporters following republican bands allowed to follow their bands on parade, and loyalist supporters are not allowed to on the same stretch of road ??.. Also the bands on show are terrible, all out of step....
tanto in d.lderry wrote (152 days ago):
never mind marching both sides. yous be better going getting work never mind the 12th and the 9th of the year. march in your own living rooms. fed up with the s..t in this wee country of ares
James in Belfast wrote (152 days ago):
John the unionists will never give up the hundreds of parades they have each year. Dublin and London need to step in and speak to both sides. I say one parade a year for each side then let the rest of us get on in life. We need change in the DUP/OO Dinosaurs.
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