Parcel bombers 'out of step with NI'

Published Friday, 14 February 2014
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DUP First Minister Peter Robinson has said that those responsible for parcel bombs sent to military recruitment centres in England are "desperate and out of step" with the people in Northern Ireland.

Parcel bombers 'out of step with NI'
An Army office in Canterbury which received one of the suspect parcels. (© PA)

Dissident republicans are being blamed for sending a total of seven packages to locations across the south-east of England this week, all of which contained explosive black powder.

None of the parcels, at least one of which was posted from the Republic of Ireland, ignited.

As well as military premises, one shopping centre in Slough was targeted and had to be evacuated.

According to security sources, the incidents mark an escalation in the 'New IRA' terror campaign.

"I think it is a sign of desperation that they have been stemmed to such an extent that they have to do these long reach events," Mr Robinson said on Friday.

"Because they haven't the ability, or indeed the number of people, that would allow them to have the kind of campaign that they would want to have."

Meanwhile, Sinn Féin deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness took to Twitter to brand the incidents an "attack on the peace process".

I hope they are caught as soon as possible.

First Minister Peter Robinson

Security journalist Brian Rowan told UTV: "It is a change of tactic and it is a change of target.

"The dissidents here are having trouble moving - when they move they are being interrupted. Their equipment is being seized. People are being arrested.

"So what they have done is they have changed the target and they have changed the tactic and this is threat from a distance and threat through the post.

"For them, it is low risk, but it delivers a high return today in terms of headline and news."

The Ministry of Defence has now warned all military staff to be extra vigilant.

A Northern Ireland Office spokeswoman said: "The Secretary of State and Prime Minister have been fully briefed. Police are leading the investigation working closely with partners.

"Appropriate measures have been put in place to ensure these packages are detected and dealt with accordingly."

© UTV News
Comments Comments
Barry owens in Shetland islands wrote (343 days ago):
Peter Robinson and his deluded party and being out of step with NI were made for each other
Dorothy in Kansas wrote (343 days ago):
Looking at the first 6 comments on here is so depressing; nobody has anything good to say about anything or anyone.
PM in Norn Iron wrote (343 days ago):
Of course they're out of step - they aren't even Northern Irish. Pathetic though that our own government labels Irish Republican bombs posted from the Republic as "NI related".
David in Belfast wrote (344 days ago):
Nothing "New" about the IRA they didnt get what they wanted with Hass so the attacks start again.
gary in east belfast wrote (344 days ago):
the dissidents r the worst people in the world n will never represent the nationalist people. but I wish peter robinson would tackle the U.V.F in his own heartland.
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