Organisers cancel Portadown parade

Published Saturday, 28 June 2014
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A loyalist parade due to take place in Portadown, Co Armagh, has been cancelled.

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Organisers of Saturday evening's parade said that, as their intention was to dedicate an arch on Victoria Terrace, going ahead with the procession was pointless.

Earlier this week, the Parades Commission moved to reverse its decision to allow the Parkmount Arch Committee to proceed past Victoria Terrace.

It reviewed its original determination after nationalist residents said that they consider the street to be part of the Garvaghy Road - which the Orange Order has been banned from marching along since 1998.

In a statement, Parkmount Arch Committee accused the Parades Commission of increasing tensions in the area due to its "backtrack".

"Some may see this as a climb down we see it as only the start of our fight to ensure that the Parkmount Arch is dedicated correctly," a statement said.

"The Arch committee is committed to getting the answers to our questions and will use every avenue open to us in this mission."

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MARTIN in NI wrote (212 days ago):
On a hot sunny day, one has to wonder what all this strife is about. Life is too short to be angry. Listen to the birds and relax.
Sean D in Derry wrote (212 days ago):
Portadown Smiler that is a very silly idea unless you want the people marching who may actually have a job or will be looking for a job in the future to have little or no chance keeping it/getting it. Having a job and a better quality of life to me seems better than escorting a bunch of old men in sashes down a road. But if marching is more important to you and some others go ahead and get arrested I’m sure you will be seen as heroes to the locals down the pub
Roisin in Belfast wrote (212 days ago):
I am all people celebrating their culture, and OO marches really do not bother me at all - but then again, they aren't passing my front door and peeing on my lawn as they walk past. As with football - if the OO remove the "hooliganism" that goes along with their marches then July would be a nicer time in the north of Ireland. As for the protesters - going out and lining the streets, yes it is your right to protest, but ask yourself are you doing so in a dignified manner and representing your community in a respectful way? One thing I would ban in the whole of the sunny north of Ireland - is flags, of all description. These are used as sectarian emblems and to intimidate people. I live in England and I honestly could count on one hand the number of Union Jacks I see in Manchester City Centre.....even at the Jubilee there wasn't one hanging off every lamppost. It looks so awful!!
paula in londonderry wrote (212 days ago):
Bill in London....your answer to Northern Irelands problems is to get the "irish state" to ban all parades. You clearly haven't a clue.
The Future in England wrote (213 days ago):
Bill in London, I kind of get what you are saying, let the Irish sort out this and us in GB sort our own policing problems, one thing Bill says is fact we in GB cannot afford your province.
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