Orangemen protest over Crumlin decision

Published Monday, 09 July 2012
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Up to 400 people have protested outside Hillsborough Castle after the Parades Commission restricted the Orange Order march through Crumlin on the Twelfth of July.

Orangemen protest over Crumlin decision
Orangemen and their supported gathered at Hillsborough Castle on Monday night. (© UTV)

The watchdog ruled that the parade could go through the mainly nationalist village but with restrictions - with only one lodge allowed to make the return journey.

Orangemen handed in a letter of protest in to a representative of the Secretary of State at the castle on Monday night.

Tommy Ross, an Orange Order district secretary, told UTV: "I wouldn't say I'm angry - I'm just disgusted. Sick."

He said they had changed their assembly point for the march to stay away from the local Catholic Church in an attempt to avoid upsetting sensitivities.

Mr Ross claimed that the Twelfth coming to Crumlin would improve community relations "if the majority would give some consideration to the minority."

Lagan Valley DUP MLA Edwin Poots said that the decision will "pose all sorts of logistical problems."

"It will pose problems to the police in terms of management and how those people get back to the buses. I think that the Parades Commission need to reflect on this and reconsider their decision that they have taken."

Sinn Féin MLA for South Antrim Mitchel McLaughlin said local residents are also frustrated by the decision to allow up to 4,000 marchers through the village.

Last week, Mr McLaughlin said: "This is the wrong determination by the Parades Commission and it is extremely disappointing that our concerns were not taken on board.

"Essentially the Commission have given the go ahead for the Orange Order to march with 4,000 participants through Crumlin village on the 12th of July and an expected 5,000 supporters to attend despite the Orange Order carrying out no consultation whatsoever with the local community."

In a statement, the Chairman of the Parades Commission Peter Osborne said: "Where people and organisations have been unable to reach local agreement over parades, the Commission has reluctantly fulfilled its legal obligation to take a decision, balancing rights and promoting sensible ways forward."

He also appealed for calm across Northern Ireland ahead the Twelfth of July marches on Thursday.

"As we approach the 12th July, I hope that those involved in, or affected by, parades will recognise the real progress that has been made, and ensure that nothing will negatively impact upon this," he said.

A police spokesperson said they had monitored the protest on Monday night and the area had remained calm.

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Resident in Crumlin wrote (934 days ago):
Irregardless of the orange lodges marching through Crumlin or any other area I am interested to know why the 11th night bonfires are still allowed. Not only is it an anti catholic symbol ( burning a flag which actually represents both sides the white being the truce between the two) but it is dangerous and a waste of resources that may have been used elsewhere. It is ridiculous that firemen had to attend 95 bonfire callouts and a house collapse that could have been prevented if this was prohibited. They have to put their lives in danger unnecessarily for this ridiculous tradition. It has been reported that the call outs have decreased from last year and thankfully no firemen were attacked. I don't have a problem with the lodges marching per se it's the bitterness on both sides that this provokes and the trouble that may incurr.
Ulysses32 in Belfast wrote (934 days ago):
Lorna, no harm to you. I responded to your nonsense comment on another thread..... I have to agree with you with the speed of the moderators. They even seem to be selective in what they allow to be posted as well. If an organisation has loyal in its title, it will be called a loyalist organisation. LOL in respect of the Orange Order does not mean "Laugh Out Loud." As for terrorists, even Shankill Butchers can have their own Orange Order banner. Trying to distance the Order from loyalist terrorists will not wash, I'm afraid. Orange Order in government? One has to wonder what Poots has been up to over the past lot of days at Drumcree and Crumlin. Someone must have lent him the collarette he has been parading around in. And how about the murder of Constable Frankie O'Reilly at Drumcree, Lorna. We can see where your hero-worship of the RUC ends. Yet another thinly veiled layer drops away to show who you really are, Lorna....Again I will point out Orangemen are Protestants, Protestants are not Orangemen. It would be like calling all Jews Zionists....
lorna in limavady wrote (935 days ago):
liam and peter. Do you not understand why your comment appears so bigot to many Protestants.WHY ARE THEY NOT WELCOME. surely it is time to do away with prejuices and let Protestant have their day of parade. We do not have Orangemen in government silly boys !Martin may have shook hand with our Queen but so far he did not join the orange order.By the way. They should be called "loyalists" for then they are mistaken for terrorist which they are not...UTV for once could i not have my say instead of having to wait three days until the moderator sifts through my comment.
Iseult in NI wrote (935 days ago):
I'm sure anyone with loyalty to the green, white and ORANGE flag will welcome the Orangement into their midst. If they don't, then they're hypocrites, simple as that. Or is it time to ask the Irish parliament to consider redesigning the flag to suit the objectors in Northern Ireland, ie make it just green and white?
mick in belfast wrote (935 days ago):
how is it a catholic area peter ? its a main road catholics and protestants live there get with the times respect peoples culture i know fellas from work who dont give too hoots about the parade passing who lives in ardoyne and wife is from the shankill so wh should others be offended when most arnt
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