Newry postman's extra special delivery

Newry postman's extra special delivery

As a postman, Newry dad Paul Feenan is used to handling special packages - but he got the shock of his life when he had to deliver his own daughter on his bathroom floor last week.

Paul and mum Lisa welcomed into the world beautiful baby girl Anna on Saturday, but although the delivery was smooth, it was not quite to plan.Paul had returned from a morning out last Saturday and had just finished having some lunch when his wife began complaining of having cramps.He told UTV: "She went into the bathroom and I rang the hospital and the next thing I heard was a squeal from Lisa, so I ran in and found that her waters had broken."And I said to the midwife on the phone, you may get us an ambulance."The next thing Lisa said she needed to push and got down on the floor and I saw the head coming and just thought: 'Oh dear'."It then took just four minutes from when Lisa's waters broke until baby Anna came into the world."I was sitting on the floor and the midwife on the phone asked what was happening and I told her I had a baby in my hands," Paul said."So I cleared her airways and she began to cry."I don't think he'll deliver anything as special again.Lisa FeenanWhile Paul has already managed to put his stamp on his midwife skills, he says he'll be quite happy to return to his normal morning deliveries.He added: "I was just acting on instinct and think I went into shock straight after - but I think one's enough."People have said to me they don't think they could do it, but being up close and personal makes it extra special."My family and friends have been all praise, but it was Lisa that did all the work and deserves all the credit - I was just lucky to be there."But I think one is enough for me."Mum Lisa was all praise for her special delivery man, adding: "To go from cleaning the house to having a cup of tea to, within an hour, giving birth in the bathroom was very surreal, very scary and very traumatic."The ambulance only took about eight minutes - it did seem a lot longer - but thankfully everything went well and we have been blessed we are both healthy."Paul did brilliant, he really did. It really just happened so fast he didn't have time to think about it, he had to do what he had to do - he was just amazing."


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