Miss Ulster finalist in Fixers project

Miss Ulster finalist in Fixers project

An Enniskillen teenager and finalist in the Miss Ulster competition who suffered serious seizures has linked up with a charity to help young people build their self-esteem.

Seana O'Connor has joined with Fixers - the campaign which gives young people a voice - to help others over come confidence issues.The 18-year-old spent weeks in and out of hospital suffering headaches and seizures.At one stage her condition got so bad, she woke up in hospital without knowing where she was or how she got there.Seana said: "During those years, I was barely at home, I was barely at school. My main place was hospital. I had no confidence and I had no self-esteem.With my Fixers project I want younger people to believe in themselves and apply for anything they can, do anything that they can and don't believe anybody who says they can't and just to go for itSeana O'Connor"I was so skinny and just really frail and that was really scary when I saw that."Seana has developed a project with Fixers to help give young people more confidence.She has made a film on how important it is for young people to be aware of their self-esteem and to do things in life to make them feel better about themselves.Emma Weaver, from the Northern Ireland Association of Mental Health, said: "There can be a ripple effect of having low self-esteem."It can be detrimental to your emotional and mental wellbeing and leaving you less resilient to cope with different situations."I think Seana is definitely a role model within in this area for young people boosting self-esteem. Her own story in itself is bound to be an inspiration to some young people in the area."Seana's life was transformed when she was chosen for the final of the Miss Ulster competition.She said: "I was just so happy and my confidence was just above the roof. I just want to let younger people know that if they ever have an opportunity always say yes, not even just for beauty pageants or catwalks or photo shoots or anything like that, but anything."


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