McNarry joining UKIP after UUP departure

Published Thursday, 04 October 2012
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Former Ulster Unionist Party MLA David McNarry is set to join UKIP, after the fall-out which saw him resign from the UUP Assembly group and then first be suspended and then expelled from the party.

McNarry joining UKIP after UUP departure
David McNarry, who has already left the UUP, is now set to join UKIP. (© UTV)

A formal announcement is expected to be made by the United Kingdom Independence Party on Friday morning at Stormont.

Mr McNarry, who represents the Strangford constituency, had previously ruled out a move to join the DUP when he spoke to UTV about his row with the UUP back in May.

The veteran politician admitted he had been hurt by then UUP leader Tom Elliott's handling of accusations he revealed details of secret talks between Northern Ireland's two biggest unionist parties to the media.

Those accusations saw him demoted from his post as deputy chair of the education committee - a move which promoted his resignation from the party's Stormont group.

"My future is to continue what I am good at and that is helping people," Mr McNarry told UTV at the time.

Political Editor Ken Reid said a move to the DUP would always have been unlikely anyway.

"But also, UKIP have to be taken seriously," he added.

"They have 11 seats in the European Parliament. In the recent opinion poll in London, talking about the next Westminster election, they were actually above the Lib Dems.

"And I know that the Conservatives in particular are very concerned about their rise."

David McNary will be UKIP's second elected representative in Northern Ireland, joining Newry and Mourne councillor Henry Reilly.

© UTV News
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Jim in Lisburn wrote (834 days ago):
I too think it's great that David has joined the UKIP for a number of reasons. 1. I agree with Nick - Northern Ireland should be able to vote for GB parties like every other devolved part of the UK. 2. Unless the Government are prepared to put in the extra financial resources necessary, we must stem the flood of foreign nationals, EU and otherwise, into the UK. The NHS can't take it, the Police can't take it and the Social Security agencies can't take it 3. It's about time the the 'cartel' of SF, DUP, UUP who 'kowtow' to the dominion of the tyrannical EU was challenged. It's costing us a fortune in pseudo-human rights law and, now, their evident financial incompetence. "Out, damn'd spot! Out, I say!
seamas in belfast wrote (845 days ago):
Since UKIP are a unionist party that will split the unionist vote even further. Brilliant!
Nick in Manchester wrote (846 days ago):
Personally I think it's a god thing that UKIP now have an MLA, it's about time the Unionist community had representation and access to the big parties. In polling terms UKIP is currently the 3rd largest party in the UK. I see this as an oppourtunity for the voice of Northern Ireland to one day be heard from the Westminster front benches. All hough this is probably a few years off! @John in London: You raise the point about non-sectarianism. It is not sectarian to support being part of the union or part of the Republic, what makes it sectarian is the way you express yourself! Ensighting hatred, violence and conduct of that order more widely would be a demonstration of sectarianism! UKIP have made their position very clear on Northern Ireland; they support NI remaining part of the UK but would also vote in favour of granting a referendum so that the people could decide if ever that situation arose!
John in London wrote (847 days ago):
Norman raises an interesting point. When UKIP candidates ran in 2011 I remember their election ads describing a totally non-sectarian party. Does that mean that they (and therefore now McNarry) have do designate with the other non-unionist parties like alliance and greens or will he insist on sitting in the unionist bloc? In which case the few catholics considering voting UKIP probably think twice.
norman.d in bangor wrote (847 days ago):
how can he still sit in stormont when he was elected as a unionist and now joins a party with different views there should be an election in his area the people voted unionist not for ukip seem these people can change parties and keep their seat which is wrong
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