McGuinness 'surprised' by Jubilee party

Published Monday, 11 June 2012
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Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has said he was surprised by the announcement of plans to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at Stormont.

McGuinness 'surprised' by Jubilee party
Martin McGuinness says he is 'surprised' by the Jubilee party (© UTV)


Do you think Stormont should host celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?
Do you think Stormont should host celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?

The Northern Ireland Office revealed last week that a party would take place in the grounds of Parliament Buildings on 27 June.

However, Culture Minister Carál Ní Chuilín said Sinn Féin had not been consulted and that she would not be attending the event.

Speaking on Monday, Mr McGuinness described the NIO announcement as "unfortunate" and said he was surprised by it.

He added that there is currently no "doable proposition" for a representative of his party to meet with the Queen.

"This would be a huge ask for any Irish republican and, as we speak at the moment, we do not have a doable proposition in relation to that matter," Mr McGuinness said.

"In relation to the controversy at the weekend, at the last Executive meeting we handled the whole situation around the decision of Peter Robinson and unionist ministers to send a gift to the Queen in a very diplomatic and sensible manner.

"The announcement made by the NIO on Friday was unfortunate."

UTV's Jane Loughrey says negotiations are taking place "behind the scenes" to resolve the matter before the royal visit.

The celebration at the Stormont estate later this month is due to happen as part of the Queen's two-day visit to the region during her Jubilee tour of the UK.

Around 10,000 free tickets will be made available to the public, with details of how to apply set to be released later this week.

First Minister Peter Robinson welcomed the announcement last week.

"It is fitting that such a celebration should take place in the Stormont Estate," the DUP leader said

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damian in to all the idiots talking about currency wrote (961 days ago):
how do you expect people to live if they take a stand against sterling are you that stupid you dont see the massive stupid hole in your argument! Stupid bigots thats all this bloody country has who cares if he meets the queen all this is just a distraction from real problems like housing terrorists still runnig round the country not to mention many more real problems
Ulysses32 in Belfast wrote (961 days ago):
No harm to you, Disgusted, John O'Dowd, Michelle O,Neill, Paul Maskey, Niall Ó Donnghaile, Sue Ramsey....there are quite a few Sinn Fein politicians without the baggage of having "been involved in the armed struggle/jailed for offences during the troubles/convicted of terrorism." Really, if your going to paint a picture sepia is hardly the colour you should be tarring everyone with...
Ciaran in Chester wrote (961 days ago):
I am a proud Irishman. But being a proud Irishman does not mean that I hate everything that is not Irish. Yes I live in England, and SHOCK HORROR - I married an English Girl. Does that matter?! And regards to your comment, it wasn't only the IRA who were killing people now was it. People love to say how they killed women and children indiscriminately. How many children, women and innocent people were killed by loyalists (Be that paramilitaries or RUC/ British Army)? Including cover-ups, plastic bullets etc...It took over 30 years before the british government admitted they were wrong re: bloody sunday. And weren't the british government found guilty by the court of human rights for their actions during the conflict. It is a terrible tragedy that ANYONE had to loose a life over the past decades, regardless of belief, but no 1 side is more innocent than the other. We may come to loggerheads over the cause of it all - but that should not stop things moving forward. From what I see (Call it biased or whatever you feel) It's Sinn Fein constantly making the first step. Yes their representatives may have been in prison for their actions in a very unique environment for them, but they have turned their back on the violence - and who better to make the steps forward than those who have been through it all. Are you saying that no unionist politician is connected to any paramilitary organisation in any way? Some loyalist/unionist comments from their politicians make me cringe - The flags in donaghmore, the anti-gay comments are two issues which are fairly recent. Not to mention the 'pigs will fly before Sinn Fein are Major' comments (Though I know the last was from the UUP which don't represent the majority of unionists)...Shared Future...for who? The simple fact is that Sinn Fein representatives have been elected to that position from people who believe that they share their view and voice their concerns in their communities, The same way unionist politicians are elected. People who do not wan't to be represented do not vote. It's the voice of the majority.
Frosty in Here wrote (961 days ago):
Oops, my bad. Thought it said "McGuinness 'surprised' at Jubilee party". I imagined the Queen jumping out of a big cake in a swimsuit and singing 'happy birthday to you mr deputy first minister', à la Marilyn Monroe.
Disgusted. in NI. wrote (962 days ago):
@ Paddy who says the Queen commands no loyalty from the Nationalist community. How do you know that????? Just because a person is catholic doesn't mean that they don't respect QE11. For your information, not every catholic citizen of NI wants to be governed by the hypocrites of SF. It is just unfortunate that there aren't any moderate candidates in their areas such is the parlous state of NI politics today. Still voting on tribal boundaries because other candidates can't get a look in. On the mainland, most political parties can campaign quite safely in any constituency. Not in this backward looking country though. I feel really sorry for the many good decent Catholics who don't want to be represented by the likes of SF and who have no-one else to vote for. @ Ciaran in Chester. People have a right to be anti-republican after the years of murder and maiming the IRA killing machine put all religions in NI through. However, people would be more open to republican politicians if they could find someone, anyone, to be an MP/MLA who hadn't actually been involved in the armed struggle/jailed for offences during the troubles/convicted of terrorism. Surely there are people who weren't involved who could be put forward to represent the republican viewpoint. Whoever said that all these terrorists had to have jobs in government? You seem to be promoting yourself as a proud Irishman. I find that a bit difficult to understand as your username !Ciaran in Chester" would suggest that you are living in Chester, in England. Funny that.
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