Kia defends new 'Provo' car

Kia defends new 'Provo' car

Korean car-maker Kia has been forced to defend the naming of its new super-mini, after unveiling the 'Provo' concept car just in time for the International Geneva Motor Show.

Billed as a "road-legal racer" and a "radical super-mini coupe which aims to set the streets alight", it seems Kia were unaware of the connotations of their name choice.

Members of the Provisional IRA, who engaged in bombing campaigns during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, are often referred to as 'Provos'.

According to the Daily Mail, Kia has said it was certainly unintentional.

The name was apparently chosen at the company's European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

"There was absolutely no intention to cause offence. The name comes from 'provoke' - as in provoking a reaction," a spokesman explained.

No specific production schedule has been put in place, so it could be some time before the Provo hits the roads. It will remain to be seen whether the name could be changed for the UK market.


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