Kemp's NI Extreme World due to air

Published Wednesday, 15 January 2014
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A Northern Ireland focused episode of Ross Kemp's documentary series Extreme World - which looks at some of the most crime-ridden, dangerous parts of the globe - is set to air within weeks.

Kemp's NI Extreme World due to air
Ross Kemp filming in Belfast during Twelfth riots. (© Presseye)

Eyebrows were raised when the former EastEnders 'hardman' turned up in Belfast last summer to film parades, stand-offs, and riots over the Twelfth of July period.

His documentaries have previously examined issues like deadly drug cartels in Mexico's so-called 'murder capital', child soldiers and sexual violence in the Congo, and witch-hunting in East Africa.

But for the third series, one episode will focus on sectarian tensions still plighting the peace process in Northern Ireland.

During his time in Belfast, Kemp filmed at an Eleventh Night bonfire off the Shankill Road and along a parade route in the Ardoyne area.

He walked with the feeder parade past the shopfronts before joining the main parade to Barnett's Demesne, passing another flashpoint at the Catholic St Patrick's Church on Donegall Street.

The documentary team were filming as serious violence flared and police came under attack.

Baton rounds and water cannon had to be used to try to restore order, as dozens of officers were injured and missiles including petrol bombs, bricks, heavy masonry and fireworks were thrown.

Police were also attacked by people wielding ceremonial swords.

DUP deputy leader and MP Nigel Dodds was among those injured, ending up in hospital after being hit in the head with a brick.

As part of Kemp's investigation into the divisions regarding parading in Northern Ireland, he spoke to senior police officers, including PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott, and to both bandsmen taking part in loyalist parades and nationalist residents holding protests.

As well as Belfast, the third series looks at a number of other volatile situations around the world.

It kicks off with a look at sex-trafficking in India, before heading to Rio and a city trying to clean up a crack-cocaine epidemic ahead of hosting the World Cup.

In Papua New Guinea, Kemp finds himself held at gunpoint by hijackers, while the trailer shows him being hit by missiles during a riot in Northern Ireland.

The third series of Ross Kemp: Extreme World starts on Sky 1 on Tuesday 21 January, with the Northern Ireland episode due to air on Tuesday 4 February.

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Anomanos in co.tyrone wrote (357 days ago):
Just watched this documentary. Ross did a good job of seeing both sides of the community were others have failed. But watching this just make you feel ashamed to live and be raised in this country, full of small minded people on both side that can't get over the flying of some flag or another, when it is nothing more that fabric dyed with different colour pigment used. Wouldn't it be great if there were no boarders marking the beginning and ending of country's and county's all over the world there would be less hate and hassle is it was all one. Rant over.
Stevie123 in LurgN wrote (357 days ago):
The Orange Order has bullied various faiths into supporting their horrid traditions and battle celebrations throughout the ages and succeeded to the extreme. Eg. Presbyterians, people who were forced from Ireland by William of Orange and his penal laws, people who concentrated on progression and protected traditions and culture like the Irish language have now thrown it all away to shout abuse about Catholics and celebrate the spilling of blood. The Orange Order has destroyed Protestants, made them focus on extremist political/religious militarism and has reduced them to little more than pawns for their organisations twisted beliefs. Even their politicians bow to their demands. This is the 21st century, the Orange Order is a horrid negative hateful organisation that only wants to entrench Protestants in a hatred of churches and tie in political loyalism with God to create a tolerated extremist organisations in the western world where its members flourish with unelected influence and power over society.
JJ in Belfast wrote (374 days ago):
Interesting that Kemp sees the orange/loyalist parades as one of the most dangerous places on this earth,Just tells us that these parades are more about inciting violence than celebrating tradition. Lets watch it and the rest of the world will now see it for what it really is, and understand its more about triumphalism than celebration.
Anne in belfast wrote (375 days ago):
I am not trying to stir things up. Lorna i have the same views as you, we all work alongside each other and we can all be friends until things like parades etc. I to have went to St Patricks Day and also the Twelfth and I wish all sides could come out for them. Gerard there are tricolours at St Patricks Day but that should not be offensive just like flags being carried on the Twelfth (unless they glorify terrorists). I wish there was a flag that everyone could agree on for Northern Ireland instead of this bickering over them. i dont believe that there should be ANY parades for terrorists no matter what religion they are. I am a protestant and i have always said (well as i got older and understood things better) that republicans went to jail and got an education yet loyalists went to jail and made things. Republicans had their heads screwed on and it is now helping with equality. Im not afraid to say that cos its true but i wish everyone would try to understand that not everyone is bitter. I am trying to teach my children that. Our politicians ALL love to stir the pot cos if we all got on they would have nothing to bicker over either. The Irish Language is one, it should be taught in all schools as it is our heritage protestant or catholic - am i right in saying that? Its a vicious circle that i just wish we could all get out off. I didnt intend to offend anyone with my last comment.
desdodes in lower ormo wrote (376 days ago):
King Wullie; Re; Custom House Square. No Tricolours, just official St Patrick's flags allowed. Check it out with BCC.
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