Irish dancers go global 'for the craic'

Irish dancers go global 'for the craic'

Three men have gone 'Riverdancing' round the world both to promote Irishness and just for the craic - with their efforts captured on camera and going viral faster than you can say "Michael Flatley ..."

The trio set off last May with one year ahead, one camera, and one big goal.Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe vowed to encourage people from across the globe to go travelling themselves, and to promote Ireland as a potential destination. And have the craic.Why? Well, Ireland has had it tough."Having lived the high life for too long, we were sent crashing to earth and pride has been a tough thing to find," the lads said."We've crumbled in sports, Westlife have broken up, and not even Jedward can qualify for the Eurovision anymore."And so 'The Wirld' project was born."Unlike government agencies, our target market is not just businesses abroad, but the leaders of tomorrow," the would-be ambassadors declared."We hope that some unadulterated fun and mischief can do what these agencies are unable to."Now back in Dublin one year on, having blogged their way around the world, the trio have again focused on the lighter side of their mission.A video of their Irish dancing shows them in front of landmarks everywhere from Mexico City to Machu Picchu in Peru, Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo in Uruguay, Sydney in Australia to Singapore.In Buenos Aires in Argentina, they were even joined in their performance by a stray window cleaner. Perhaps he had Irish roots ...YouTube


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