Horsemeat found in NI cold food storage

Published Monday, 04 February 2013
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Horsemeat has been found at a cold food store in Northern Ireland, the NI Food Standards Agency has said.

Horsemeat found in NI cold food storage
The burgers were on sale in a number of supermarkets. (© Getty)

As part of ongoing investigations into the horsemeat scandal facing the food industry, a quantity of frozen meat was detained from a cold store at the premises of Freeza Meats.

The Newry-based company is a specialist in burgers for the catering industry in Britain and Ireland.

The meat is potentially linked to that which was found in the Silvercrest factory in the Republic of Ireland last month.

"Of the 12 samples from the suspect consignment that have been tested, two of the samples came back positive for horsemeat, at around 80%," the FSA statement said.

"The investigation into the traceability of these raw materials and their source is underway. As this meat was detained, it has not entered the food chain."

Earlier it was revealed that horsemeat was found at a second meat processing factory in Co Monaghan.

Test results made public by the Irish department of Agriculture found that 75% equine DNA was traced in raw ingredient at Rangeland Foods in Castleblayney.

The investigation has shown that all implicated raw material ingredient is labelled as Polish product.

Irish department of Agriculture

The company, which supplies frozen beef burgers, employs 80 people and has a turnover of €18m.

Production has been suspended at the plant and the company has said that none of the product containing the horsemeat entered the food chain.

Rangeland is understood to have started enquiries after meat imported from Poland was blamed for the horsemeat found in burgers made at Silvercrest, part of the ABP Food Group, which is also based in Co Monaghan.

The company lost lucrative contacts with Tesco, Aldi, the Co-Op and Burger King because of the scandal.

Irish authorities are liaising with Polish officials and it is currently being investigated whether other Irish plants have used the polish meat.

Irish Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney has asked gardaí to join the investigation into the contamination.

"The investigation is focusing on the full supply chain including the meat trader concerned and others who facilitated the purchase of the product and its transfer to users in Ireland," the department said.

Meanwhile it was also revealed on Sunday that halal products designed for Muslim inmates in Britain, which were made by Co Tyrone firm McColgan Quality Foods, contained traces of pork DNA - the consumption of which is forbidden under Islamic law.

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realistic in planet earth wrote (725 days ago):
I agree with Anna, I'd say there is alot more to be uncovered about this story..... As for Iseult.. what about the poor vegetables!!!! who's standing up for them!!!! lol :) Iseult, I'd say if you were hungry enough you'd eat meat, don't forget we're just animals too Iseult :)
anna in northern ireland wrote (726 days ago):
Just after watching UTV News I am so dissapointed about the way people pass information. This is what makes me angry! If that meat came from Poland there are Irish people responsible for buying it and not checking what they are buying. I will strongly believe they were buying cheap meat and now when all story comes up they say it is meat from Poland! Very sad but very clever to scary people about Poland!!!! SHAME did not come in Polish horsemeat, it is SHAME for Irish company owners trying to make money by selling bad quality food!!! Meat should always be produced locally!!!! I remember when Germans said similar story about Spanish cucumbers - finally the 'bad food' was produced in Germany. WE DON'T EAT HORSEMEAT IN POLAND!!! We value horses. Horse in Poland will cost from 1000 pounds - don't think Irish people could afford this to put into burgers. In 2012 Polish horse was sold to Great Britain for 370 000 Euros!!!!! And finally there was a programme about horses in Ireland left by people due to finance conditions. I wonder where they gone? It is so easy to blame freign nationalities for all bad things happens!! People should be responsible for what they say, especially those who pass NEWS !!!! Some people have started to make very sad comments after this. The good thing about this - there are not many....
norman.d in bangor wrote (727 days ago):
with the meat this country exports why are they bringing this meat from poland it seems these firms are buying cheap meat which is horsemeat and every firm needs investegated
Iseult in NI wrote (727 days ago):
Heaven alone knows what other animals could be in any meat products. Still, if you must eat dead animals I don't suppose it really matters all that much which dead animals you're putting in your body. After all, it's quite acceptable to eat dogs in some parts of the world, and when you think of it, who decides which animal should be eaten and which should be spared?
willie b in belfast wrote (727 days ago):
woooooo i think we need to get down on our hands and nees and say sorry to Poland for blaming them and thank them for the help they give us in world war 2 !!!!!!
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