Hoax device thrown at PSNI in disorder

Published Friday, 25 January 2013
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A security alert was declared after a suspect device was thrown at a PSNI vehicle during trouble in Newtownabbey on Friday night.

Hoax device thrown at PSNI in disorder
The police presence at Cloughfern Avenue, Newtownabbey. (© UTV)

Police came under attack shortly after 7.30pm, while in attendance at a loyalist flag protest in the Cloughfern Avenue area.

Army bomb experts were tasked to the scene.

"The object was examined and later declared a hoax. There are no reports of any arrests or injuries at this time," a police spokesperson said.

Police confirmed that up to 12 petrol bombs were thrown at officers during the disorder.

A further 19 petrol bombs were seized by riot police and taken away for forensic examination.

Paint bombs, bottles and stones were also used to attack the police.

Around 20 flag demonstrations were held across Northern Ireland on Friday night as part of the campaign dubbed Operation Standstill.

© UTV News
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Michael in Templepatrick wrote (730 days ago):
Seriously, what does it take for the PSNI to get heavy handed with these law breakers? The people of Northern Ireland are now demanding it !!!
doirecormac in derry wrote (731 days ago):
@ lucy lou , more like PUP PETS on a string. I'm so funny I make myself laugh!
Michael in Belfast wrote (731 days ago):
So much for the PSNI taking a firmer stance with protestors another night of roads being blocked, stopping hard working people getting home after a hard weeks work, and another night of violence. The PSNI have set a precedent for future protests, come the 'marching season' they will have no choice but to stand back and watch nationalists protest and riot or they will seen to be one sided - God help this wee country of ours.
A Britain in Northern Ireland wrote (731 days ago):
Walk down the Newtownarrds Rd or Shankill etc and you will see more Union Flags Flying Every Day per square mile than in ANY other part of the United kingdom (of which you profess to be so proud to be a part of). I ask you who is your enemy that causes you to bring such violence and disorder against crown forces and innocent citizens? The psni? (who cost taxpayers money) are largly there to protect the innocent law abiding public, catholic and protestant. Or is it All other members of the public from all ethicity who reside in Northern Ireland or North of Ireland depending on your political view. You have cost people jobs in lost revenue, disrupted everyday life and caused general misery with your rioting. If you want to fight for the Union Flag, Join the Army, go to Afghanistan and see how brave ou are when bulets and bombs come back your way, at least this way, people can then say he/she was fighting for the peoples freedon and right to fly any flag without prdjudice when he died and we are so proud, instead of being an embarresment to the whole of this island whilst achieving nothing. So ask yourselves this. Who is the enemy? My advice is look in the mirror.
Julie in Lisburn wrote (731 days ago):
Yeah, seems like the illegal road blockers were really scared by the psni's threat of 'robust action'. Like the rest of us, they knew it was nothing but empty words. Baggott's psni is a laughing stock.
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