Dog attack victim 'feared for his life'

Dog attack victim 'feared for his life'

A man has told UTV how he "feared for his life" when a dog launched on him in an unprovoked attack in north Belfast and bit part of his ear off.

Ryan Somervile, 32, was in the area of Tyndale Gardens last Thursday where he was working.The Belfast landscape gardener bent down to tie his shoe laces when the American Akita type dog leapt on him."It just launched at me, I was really scared. All I remember seeing was the dog up close, there was lots of blood."If my colleagues weren't there...God knows what could have happened, I could have died, it could have tore my face off."Ryan needed 20 stitches to his injured ear and doctors were unable to save what had been bitten off.The father-of-one has said he wants the dog to be found as he is worried it could approach a child.The police and the dog warden have both been informed of the incident last week and are investigating.Ryan now has to wait until Friday to find out if doctors can carry out re-constructive surgery to rebuild his ear.Ryan says he feared for his life & wants to find the dog before some1 is killed. He will now need plastic surgery.— Sara Moore (@saramoore_utv) March 24, 2014


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