Dodds calls for 'Orange march home'

Published Friday, 22 November 2013
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The DUP's deputy leader Nigel Dodds has said that it is time that Orangemen in north Belfast were allowed to finish their Twelfth march home.

Dodds calls for 'Orange march home'
Nigel Dodds speaking at the opening session of the DUP party conference. (© Pacemaker)

The senior politician was speaking about the situation in the Ardoyne area of the city at the opening session of his party's annual conference.

"There must be a solution," Mr Dodds said on Friday.

"The solution comes through dialogue and it comes through common sense.

"We can't have a situation on our streets where people are feeling that there is no fairness, no justice in terms of their rights and about shared space."

A determination by the Parades Commission meant that the Twelfth return parade could not use the same route in the afternoon as it had for its outward morning journey, resulting in a stand-off.

A long-running protest camp has been established at Twaddell Avenue over the issue.

Mr Dodds added that people should be allowed to protest, as long as it was "respectful".

"It can't be about the denial of human rights, which is what's going on at the minute at Twaddell," he said.

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Dee in Newtownabbey wrote (432 days ago):
Despicable unionist politicians contributing nothing more than their usual dogmatic sectarian cheerleading. When will we ever get some enlightened and progressive unionist representatives. Sorry we already have some of them in Basil McCrea and John McAllister. The problem is the unionist electorate shun them in favour of the sabre rattlers and flag wavers. So depressing.
Dan in Belfast wrote (432 days ago):
Mr Dodds i have to say you are a disgrace sir an absolute disgrace. Now lets think why are you saying this i think and everyone else with half a brain to obviously get votes sir from the extreme elements of the PUL community which is not needed!You talk about rights and shared space if i am a nationalist i live on the lower Crumlin Road near Mountainview etc then i dont want a band which plays sectarian music passing by my house were are the rights of the residents sir I do not hear you talking about their rights. In todays age 2013 we have an equal society not loyalist supremacy as we did in the past now loyalists got all their marches on the 12th its time to grow up start acting like big boys and girls and worry about important issues like money, young people and investment the same with the flag issue a piece of cloth and theres this much issue over it wake up people!!!
Joe.L in Belfast wrote (432 days ago):
Let them march pass your house Nigel and leave the people of Ardoyne in peace, what about their civil rights that your so eager to trample over?
gerry in belfast wrote (433 days ago):
Poor unionists have painted themselves into a corner. No matter what the DUP say they cannot deliver a parade past Ardoyne anymore than they can get the union flag back in Belfast. All they have left is angry rhetoric and an ambivalence to violence that robs them off any credibility.
Confused in NI in Belfast wrote (433 days ago):
Nigel please quote the civil right to march, I have checked and there isn't one. If you and the bigots like you would see that maybe we could move forward, until that day I feel we will be stuck on this never ending merry-go-round until our childrens' childrens' children see sense.
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