Death driving crash re-enacted in Falls

Death driving crash re-enacted in Falls

A dramatic reconstruction was held in west Belfast on Thursday to show young people the devastating consequences of "death driving".

Death driving or so-called "joyriding" has proved to be an ongoing problem in the Falls area, but a recent upsurge in videos of the exploits being published online has caused extreme concern.A multi-agency approach, along with support from community volunteers has helped tackle the problem.The anti car crime message was reinforced with the re-enactment, which aimed to be as shocking as a real life collision.During the event a stolen car crashes into another vehicle - with a family inside - and emergency services work quickly to deal with the aftermath. The dramatised scenario ends in the death of two people and the arrest of the death driver.PSNI Inspector Alan Swann told UTV: "If this had been a real life event, we would have had two fatalities plus a family bereaved because their daughter had died and someone else lost their son because he was caught in a stolen car."Assistant Chief Fire Officer Dale Ashford added: "We've already attended almost 200 collisions this year, sadly 13 people have lost their lives."This event [demonstrates] a very sinister issue of people who actually steal cars and drive recklessly on the roads, that increases the chances of fatal and devastating consequences for the community."Officer Ashford said the reconstruction makes the reality of death driving clear to those young people in attendance.He added: "Hopefully the people will take heed of the message that came today and will act sensibly on the roads and help us to reduce this type of incident."Terry Quinn from the Falls Residents Group said he hoped the images would hit home with those actually involved in joyriding."People need to see the true consequences of exactly what happens whenever you engage in death-driving," he said.Watching the events unfold were Katrina and Fiona Brammeld. Their pregnant sister Maureen was killed instantly by joyriders more than 20 years ago."All we want to do is get the younger generation to see what's in front of them, to deter them from this kind of life because it's not a life for them," Katrina told UTV."I want people to understand that these are kind of things that happen when these children go out to joyride."They think it's a joyride but is becomes a death drive for both the joyrider and people around them."


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