DUP seeks ministerial 'silly string' ban

DUP seeks ministerial 'silly string' ban

New Environment Minister Mark H Durkan could find himself tied up with an issue DUP councillors are hoping to drop on his desk - a proposed Northern Ireland-wide ban of so-called 'silly string'.

A motion aimed at ridding the region of the popular prank aerosol is due to go before Fermanagh District Council on Monday night.

It calls for a ban on "the sale of this messy and environmentally unfriendly product", or any similar products, on the grounds that it's too hard to clean up after being used at celebrations.

"It's there for weeks after the event is over and it's unsightly," DUP councillor Bert Johnston, the proposer of the motion, told UTV.

"You can pick litter up, but you can't pick this stuff up. And why should the ratepayers have to pay for power-washing?"

I don't want to sound a kill-joy, but this stuff sticks and is so difficult to get rid of.

Bert Johnston, DUP

The motion, which has been seconded by councillor Cyril Brownlee, also calls for Mark H Durkan to "use his ministerial influence to have it banned elsewhere".

The environment minister became aware of the issue when it was flagged to him on Twitter.

That prompted him to tweet: "It will be interesting to see how it unravels ..."

Mr Durkan has recently taken up the Environment portfolio, replacing party colleague Alex Attwood.


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