Child abuse accused said claims 'insane'

Child abuse accused said claims 'insane'

The trial of three Londonderry men accused of a litany of child abuse offences has heard details of interviews in which they deny raping young children.

A jury at Coleraine Courthouse was also told that one of their alleged victims self-harmed herself whilst the alleged abuse went on. The three defendants, who cannot be named to protect the identities of their alleged victims, have denied the 56 charges against them dating back to the 1990s. The charges include rapes and other very serious sexual offences.The allegations against them have come from the daughter and son of one of the defendants.They claimed they were abused for most of the 1990s, beginning when the girl was seven and the boy was just six.They alleged that they were subjected to prolonged physical abuse - beatings, throttlings, being burnt with cigarettes which then escalated into serious sexual assaults including multiple rapes.On Tuesday the jury heard details from police interviews with the three defendants. One man when confronted with the child abuse allegations told detectives: "I categorically deny them. I have done nothing wrong, I am not guilty."Previously, the court heard claims that the defendants raped the children at drinking parties, with allegations that men would play cards to see who would go first.It was also alleged the children's father videotaped the rapes and forced his daughter to watch the recordings.But in police interviews the men denied attending such parties, with one man telling police the allegations were "insane".The trial has already heard allegations that one of the alleged victims was raped and abused by her father and her uncle. She claims they took turns to rape her and her father would videotape the rapes as they happened.During police interviews she told detectives that she began self-harming as this abuse was continuing and began cutting her arms and her body.The trial continues.


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