Charges after stolen car and PSNI crash

Published Monday, 18 February 2013
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A man was remanded in custody on Monday on charges connected to a collision between a stolen car and a police vehicle.

Charges after stolen car and PSNI crash
An unmarked police car and a patrol car flank the stolen vehicle in west Belfast (© YouTube)

Patrick Anthony McGurk is accused of aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving over the crash in west Belfast on Sunday.

The 25-year-old, of Albert Street in the city, is also charged with four counts of assault on police.

He was arrested close to his home in the lower Falls area following the collision involving a Renault Mégane.

A 17-year-old boy was also detained but released on police bail pending further enquiries.

The vehicle had been reported stolen from the east of the city on Saturday night.

McGurk made no bail application during an appearance before Belfast Magistrates' Court.

His lawyer did not put any questions to the police officer who connected him to the charges.

District Judge Fiona Bagnall remanded him in custody to appear again by video link on 15 March.

Meanwhile, footage has emerged on YouTube, referring to the Divis Hoods and showing a blue Renault Mégane being driven erratically.

A number of youths are shown whistling to alert those inside the vehicle when an unmarked police car approaches. A patrol car also arrives, hemming in the stolen car.

Both missiles and verbal abuse are hurled at arresting officers by onlookers.

No one was injured.

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Baghdad Camel club in Baggers wrote (704 days ago):
The Police officers done a fantastic job apprehending these clowns! I feel sorry for the residence of the lower Falls having to endure these creatures making their lives a misery, and also the theft of some ones vehicle who has to work hard to keep it on the road. I hope these idiots get what they deserve, and the Courts lock them up!
Big Jim in Fermanagh wrote (705 days ago):
@ manners, Lisburn- how dare you try to compare the actions of some low-life `death driver` with the skilful actions of a trained police driver, doing what was required to take the said scumbag off the road before he did any more damage. No doubt if the police hadn't done their best to get the likes of this idiot off the road, you would have been on here blaming the police for not doing their job. Wise up!
lucylou in belfast wrote (705 days ago):
WESTY IN BELFAST===I am so glad the police were able to apprehend these two JOY RIDERS? and Iam sure; as you say the big majority of residents in your street are not supportive of the idiots who do this.Unfortunately there are a minority in both communities who are mindless thugs and could'nt care less about those in the community and much less about the picture they send out which others will wrongly apply to that whole community.I hope you will get some peace from joyriding in the future.
LUCYLOU in belfast wrote (705 days ago):
MANNERS IN LISBURN=====yes manners I am sure if the policeman had stood in front of the car and raised his hand politely requesting these thoughtful and lovely JOY RIDERS??? to stop they would have complied with his request.AND I SAW A COW FLY OVER THE MOON!!
Stephen in Portadown wrote (705 days ago):
Manners in Lisburn - As it is a Police Officer's legal duty to prevent crime, protect property and preserve life I think the actions taken by those officers was the absolute minimum required. The owner of the car no doubt reported it stolen. From the video it is being driven extremely dangerously. It is also clear there are other vehicles and people on the road and footpaths. I wonder what your reaction would be if the video showed the Police arrive on the scene and watch from their vehicles as this car continued to be driven in a dangerous way. How do you suppose they could have stopped it? Stand infront of it? Instead we clearly see the Police prevent crime, protect property and preserve life. The thieves in the car were stopped and arrested, no other vehicles, or indeed the houses in that street, were put in harms way by the idiot driving, and most importantly none of those fine individuals we hear shouting at the Police for doing their job were injured. There is a clear difference between a joyrider crashing in to somebody and a professional Police driver taking appropriate action to stop a dangerous vehicle. Your comment says more about you than it does the actions of the Police.
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