Call to fly union flag all year round

Published Monday, 17 March 2014
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The Ulster Unionist Party has tabled an amendment to the Local Government Bill calling for the union flag to be flown at City Hall in Belfast all year long.

Call to fly union flag all year round
The council voted to lower the union flag in Belfast in 2012. (© UTV)

Currently the flag only flies on designated days, following a vote by councillors in 2012.

The controversial change in policy led to months of widespread protests across Northern Ireland, many of which were followed by violence.

Tom Elliott said the UUP will table amendments calling to have the flag restored, and also to see the flag flown at every council office on a minimum of designated days.

The Fermanagh and South Tyrone MLA explained: "The amendment is an opportunity for some who claim that they are committed to equality to acknowledge what many of them signed up to when the Belfast Agreement came about.

"They should not deliberately confuse sovereignty with identity.

"We have also tabled an amendment calling for the Union Flag to be flown at every council office across Northern Ireland on a minimum of designated days. These are pragmatic proposals which I hope will be accepted and adopted by the Assembly this week.

"They are no threat to anyone's identity."

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cC in Belfast wrote (312 days ago):
you wouldnt find all this in wales... they're part of the u.k too don't forget it...
Dorothy in Kansas wrote (313 days ago):
Some people on here are still trotting the silly argument about, how would people in the Republic like it if the Union flag was flown in Dublin. Those people have got a poor grasp on the political situation. This is a completely spurious argument; the Republic is an independent country and its people are happy with their flag. Northern Ireland is a divided province, whose very inception and existence was/is questionable. That people try to use this silly argument just shows how week their ground is.
Iain in Belfast wrote (313 days ago):
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Do most of you realise how boring you sound. Blah blah blah.
grace in belfast wrote (313 days ago):
Im so sick of this flag crap. We need a properly neutral party that stays out of nationalist/unionist business altogether and just focuses on the important things, im from the south and getting sick of living here at this stage
Boru in Ireland wrote (314 days ago):
Union Jack bedsheets, Union Jack pyjamas, Union Jack wallpaper, Union Jack soap, Union Jack wife, Union Jack mirror (for looking at yourself before you go out the door) -- bit selfish, Tom, then wanting it 365 days also over the City Hall.?
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