Burglar caught red handed by homeowner

Burglar caught red handed by homeowner

A convicted burglar was caught trying to break into a house in Londonderry last April by the homeowner, a court has heard.

Ryan Harkin, 21 and with an address at the Methodist City Mission, received an 18 month jail sentence at the Crown Court in Derry on Tuesday for breaking into the house at Stoneywood in the Prehen area of the city.Harkin, who had thirty previous convictions - seven of them for burglaries, was caught and chased by the house owner.He then sat down on the man's driveway, asked for a glass of water and waited for the police to arrive.Harkin told the police he'd been trying to get a drink of water from the man's garden tap when the owner chased him.An ice scraper which Harkin used to force open a downstairs window as well as a pair of gloves containing his DNA were found in the back garden of the house.Judge Philip Babington told Harkin he'd been caught red handed trying to break into the man's house.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)


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