Bugs on the menu at 'pest-aurant'

Bugs on the menu at 'pest-aurant'

For one day only Belfast has hosted a pop-up 'pest-aurant' - with a menu featuring Mexican spiced mealworms and curried crickets.

The venture, organised by pest control company Rentokil, gave members of the public a chance to try their own bush-tucker trials at Writer's Square in Cathedral Quarter on Wednesday.Some of the delicacies on offer included plain roasted bamboo worms, sour cream and onion crickets and, for those with a sweet tooth, a scorpion lollipop or chocolate covered bugs.While many in Belfast embraced the exotic cuisine, others were less convinced."It's tasty," a man said after biting the head off a curried cricket. "The wings tasted a wee bit herby."Another man who tried a roasted locust said: "It was lovely. Like a light, crunchy nut. Very tasty."And a woman said: "They were okay, but better than I expected."What may come as a surprise is that eating bugs could actually be good for your health.The UN's Food and Agriculture committee says more than two billion people across the world supplement their diets with insects, which can be rich in protein, zinc, calcium, iron and low in fat.UTV reporter Paul Reilly decided to put his money where his mouth is and sample a curried cricket."Not too bad," was his verdict. "It tastes like chicken - and I've some to spare for the rest of the news team!"


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