Brothers jailed for child sex abuse

Brothers jailed for child sex abuse

Two brothers have been jailed for more than 20 years each for an appalling catalogue of child sex abuse and multiple rapes that took place over two decades and against members of their family.

Judge Gordon Kerr QC told Coleraine Crown Court the men were guilty of "a level of abuse that was almost unprecedented".Their victims included their own sister, plus the son and daughter of one defendant.The men, who can't be named to protect their victims' identities, are both aged in their 50s and come from Londonderry.In the 1970s and 1980s they began sexually abusing their younger sister.She was just four years old when the abuse began and it continued until she was an adult.The court heard she was abused on an almost daily basis, and it even continued after the brothers left their family home and got married.Judge Kerr said the brothers were responsible for "the cold, cynical exploitation of a young girl... they used her as a personal plaything for their own sexual gratification".In the early 1990s one of the brothers began abusing his son and daughter when they were aged just six and seven.During a three-week long trial the jury heard the daughter say that as a child she had been raped "a thousand times".She told the trial her father held drinking parties in his home where men would cut cards to see who raped her first.The victim said her father and her uncle would sometimes rape her together, taking turns.She said her father would videotape the rapes and then force her to watch the recordings.Judge Kerr jailed the victim's father for 28 years and the uncle for 23 years.The daughter and son who were abused hugged each and wept as their abusers were led away.They told UTV they wanted to move on with their lives in privacy but hoped their experiences of sexual abuse from a parent would encourage other victims to come forward and for them to realise they are not alone.


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