Belfast protest over Lennox destruction

Published Saturday, 07 July 2012
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Supporters of Lennox - the dog condemned to destruction after being judged a dangerous, pitbull-type breed - have held a protest in Belfast.

Belfast protest over Lennox destruction
Crowds waved placards and chanted Lennox's name. (© UTV)

The demonstration outside City Hall on Saturday afternoon comes after it emerged that the animal is due to be put down at the start of next week.

It follows a long-running legal battle between the owners of Lennox and Belfast City Council, which has been drawn out over the two years since he was seized by council dog wardens - and has grabbed the attention of animal lovers around the world.

Campaigners said people have flown to Northern Ireland from the United States, England, Dublin and "many other locations" to take part in the peaceful rally.

It is understood a further protest will take place in New York City on Monday.

Celebrity experts like Cesar Millan and Victoria Stilwell have also shown their support for the 'Save Lennox' campaign.

However the family last week admitted defeat and said there is nothing more they can do from a legal point of view, and that the dog "may well be killed".

Last month, senior judges sitting in the Court of Appeal backed the verdict of a County Court judge who had made an earlier ruling that Lennox could not be made safe.

Lord Justice Paul Girvan, sitting with Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan and Lord Justice Malachy Higgins, set out how dog wardens trying to examine Lennox in May 2010 had been told that the dog would "rip their head off".

While an expert dog handler retained by Mrs Barnes described Lennox as a well-handled family dog, an expert for the City Council concluded that the animal had a severe personality defect.

Lennox's family have since been advised by their legal team that there are no grounds for any further appeal.

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Sandy O'Neill in Scotland UK wrote (924 days ago):
This is NOT just a law for those who reside in the UK. USA States who use BSL Alabama Arkansas California Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Ohio Oregon Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming District of Columbia
Ann Misiaszek in Massachusetts, USA wrote (932 days ago):
Shame on you BCC and the people of Northern Ireland. God never sleeps and sees all is all I can tell you. I hope none of you involved with this murder ever gets a good nite's sleep again for the rest of your lives.All the world watched while you displayed nothing but cruelty and lack of compassion for the family who loved this animal. You have no idea how many of us animal lovers will never set foot on NI soil, nor spend tourist dollars there ever, as a result of your actions. There were so many options to avoid this and show some heart to the people, but no,for some unknown reason, you all refused. WHY???? You've done a foul deed and will someday be held accountable for that !!!
susan in lincolnshire wrote (934 days ago):
im disgusted in belfast city council and all the people who say there are more important things out there to fight for , really what is more important than saving an innocent creature from death , this breed of dog is labelled as dangerous even though they are not . its an ignorant view to think that pit bulls are going to attack someone at any time and are a risk , any dog is a risk if not trained properly , a poodle can savage a child if its aggressive and not trained properly . lennox has never hurt anyone hes a family dog being punished because of his breed and peoples ignorance to it . i am so sorry for lennox and his family who must be devastated . the dog was an innocent victim , when will people blame the breeders not the dogs , if a dog is trained to be aggressive it will be , no matter what breed it is , but so many people know nothing of the subject before opening their mouths , and people who say that it was right the dog dies and that we shouldnt fight to save him are cruel callous and heartless and and obviously never owned a dog or loved a pet . shame on you belfast council and all the dog and pitbull haters .
Barton Fink in Seattle, WA, USA wrote (934 days ago):
With so many people having expressed a wish that the dog be sent to the US, I just have to ask: Why do you hate America so much that you would send a dog there who had been deemed by dog handlers and experts to be prone to rip people's heads off?
Nicola Lambert in Malaga, Spain wrote (934 days ago):
Totally disgusted to say I'm Northern Irish! Belfast City Council should be ashamed of themselves. There was an alternative to this outcome which they choose not to take. My thoughts are with the family who fought long and hard to save his life and give him the opportunity of a new forever home in a safe and non discriminatory environment but oh yeah it's Belfast and it's full of small minded individuals. I hope you are very proud of yourselves BCC. DISGUSTING!! R.I.P Lennox :'(
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