Belfast on alert after 'super rat' find

Belfast on alert after 'super rat' find

The so-called 'super rat phenomenon' has swept across the UK and parts of Europe with increasingly more reports of giant rodents being spotted in towns and cities and residents in Belfast believe the super-sized vermin may have darkened their doors.

Giant rats - some as long as a foot in length and the size of a cat - have been sighted across the continent causing panic.One rodent spotted in Sweden was dubbed "Ratzilla" by the local press.Residents in west Belfast believe one may have been living in their neck of the woods after a pest the size of a loaf of bread was spotted in the area.However, the council has dismissed the speculation as just hype.Earl D'hulst, pest control manager at Belfast City Council explained: "We have not received any additional requests or information from residents in west Belfast about rats - of any size."On average rats can grow to around half a metre in length, from head to tail, and people do get concerned if they haven't seen one before in their community."If they are given the right conditions and plenty of food they can grow big."My advice to people is to always look after their properties and their communities and keep them clean."The cleaner the environment the less rats and the better the quality of life of those living in that area."


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