Belfast International Airport may be sold

Published Sunday, 24 February 2013
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Belfast International Airport may be put up for sale by its Spanish owner.

Belfast International Airport may be sold
Belfast International Airport may be put up for sale (© PA)

Infrastructure company Abertis, which is based in Barcelona, said it is reviewing its 29-strong airport division.

A company spokesperson said: "We have started a process of reviewing our airport division, including the possibility of a future sale of the division."

Abertis acquired Belfast International through its company TBI in 1996.

Around 12 million passengers use the airport every year.

The spokesman for Abertis said selling the Northern Irish airport was a "possibility, but it has not happened yet".

The company - which also owns Cardiff Airport, operates Luton Airport under a long-term contract, and has further airports in Mexico, America and Sweden - said it appointed Citi and AZ Capital to look into the future of the division.

On Sunday night, a Belfast International Airport spokeswoman told UTV: "The airport's owners Abertis are currently undertaking a strategic review of their airport division. The airport is not up for sale."

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Normalish in Antrim wrote (700 days ago):
Regarding the rail link, Translink seem to be the ones who are not that keen on building it. Politians like to state that not enough passengers use BFS to warrent a rail-link, but BFS passengers would be well suplemented by users from Crumlin & Glenavy. It can happen, it just needs the political will to push it through.( don't hold your breath on that though).
Marty in Singapore wrote (701 days ago):
Danny. City of Derry is one of the fastest growing airports in the uk. half a million passengers isn't exactly bad! It had a BA connection for 30 years and has the best terminal in ni. City of Derry has the second longest runway in ulster. All it needs is an all ni strategy towords transport! 1 airport in the east and 1 in the west makes complete sence. BFS is holding its New york connection by the skin of its teeth... Winter timetable will be interesting. BFS has no full service connections to ANY hub, no links with Singapore airlines, emirates, ba, air France, Lufthansa... Nope! Not possible for me to fly into belfast from Asia! Easy jet lol not exactly international!
Mike in Belfast wrote (701 days ago):
What BIA needs is a rail connection and a direct spur off the M1 and M2. It's crazy that the railway runs just below the runway, yet you cannot get off. There's room for both airports in Belfast, but BIA needs to get it's act together and improve the infrastructure to reach it and also attract new routes and carriers.
Danny in Ulster wrote (701 days ago):
Marty in Singapore - utter rubbish. There are about 3 flights a day from Eglinton and the airport is only kept afloat due to taxpayers cash keeping it from going under. A certain low cost airline was only coaxed there by being told no landing & handling fees would be charged. What business can make money by providing its srvices free of charge? Answer = NONE! Aldergrove is N. Ireland's main airport with the most flights and highest passenger numbers and will remain so. I fly out of it and back twice every month and the flights are nearly always full.
Marty in Singapore wrote (703 days ago):
Does Belfast need 2 airports? Close BFS and spend the money on LDY & BDH we have a fantastic long haul airport in Dublin. We should have no more than 2 well connected local airports (2000m rumway) incorporated into a transport strategy. Both Derry and Belfast city should have rail terminals.
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