Ballymena school kit in EastEnders stir

Ballymena school kit in EastEnders stir

A Ballymena school, once attended by Hollywood actor Liam Neeson and Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers, has had its own moment of fame - with its PE kit appearing in EastEnders.

Friday night's episode saw relative newcomer Nancy Carter, daughter of Danny Dyer's character Mick Carter, wearing a St Patrick's College jersey in the infamous Queen Vic pub.Since the family's arrival, she has often been spotted in various sporting regalia.But many GAA fans took to Twitter and Facebook to express their surprise and delight at seeing the local jersey popping up in the East End.There was a degree of controversy though, when loyalist victims' campaigner Willie Frazer also posted on the issue on social media networks.He claimed Nancy's shirt belonged to "an organisation which glorifies IRA terrorists" and added that he had made an official complaint to the BBC, urging others to do the same.I’m sure many of you watched EastEnders in horror ...Willie Frazer, on FacebookMr Frazer questioned if it had been a "mistake by the costume people", before making comparisons with showing support for the National Front, Ku Klux Klan or Nazism."I have already spoken to two London victims of the IRA Canary Wharf bomb who are absolutely horrified that terror was promoted on a family show," he said."The BBC and EastEnders need to explain this to the victims of the IRA, many of whom are Londoners."The post received criticism from some quarters because the jersey belongs to a school.On that issue, Mr Frazer added: "Of course, it's not a GAA top they are all now crying, it's ONeills St Patrick's College Ballymena."Well, they may argue that one amongst themselves, because according to, GAA scores, Mayo GAA and that's exactly what it was - a GAA shirt."A BBC spokeswoman told UTV: "The top which Nancy Carter wore on Friday night's episode is a school PE kit which was purchased from a vintage shop."As all EastEnders viewers will know, the character of Nancy Carter is a tomboy and wears a huge range of sportswear which she chooses for the way it looks - not because she has any allegiance to any sport or club."The spokeswoman could not confirm if any complaints had been received.


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