Baby simulator helps train NI medics

Baby simulator helps train NI medics

A Co Down hospital is introducing a new pilot training programme for its paediatric staff which is set to revolutionise the way infants are treated.

Doctors and nurses at Newry's Daisy Hill Hospital are being given on the job training with baby and toddler simulators in order to better prepare them for life on the wards.The cutting edge technology is being used for the first time in the region.The two simulators are controlled by senior doctors in a computer room as staff are put through a range of testing medical scenarios.The equipment is able to monitor the medics and talk to them.If there are any difficulties, a senior doctor can then demonstrate how to carry out certain procedures.Doctors and nurses can even perform blood tests and practise putting in drips on the simulators.Dr Bassam Aljarad, Consultant Paediatrician, told UTV: "These can provide very realistic conditions which our doctors and nurses see every day - asthma, meningitis - and we can minimise these conditions with these babies."Dr Laura McKibben, of Daisy Hill's Children's Ward, said that practising on the simulators helped doctors and nurses work as a team."It gives you a chance to practice seeing these very sick babies in a more controlled situation and it helps improve your confidence."Shauna Smyth, Staff Nurse at Daisy Hill, added: "We treat this sim baby as a real life baby - it breathes, it coughs, and they are very beneficial for both doctors and nurses."It gives us an insight into a real life situation and how difficult it can be at times."


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