Attacks force family from Belfast home

Published Monday, 14 April 2014
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A north Belfast Polish family have said they are being forced out of their north Belfast home after a number of attacks in recent weeks.

Attacks force family from Belfast home
Imelia and Marcin say they feel afraid to stay in the home. (© UTV)

In the latest incident bricks were thrown through the windows of the family's Mount Vernon home in the early hours of Monday morning.

The nine-year-old boy was not in the room as he and his five-year-old sister, their father and his girlfriend were staying with relatives.

The attack comes just days after their car was set on fire. That vehicle replaced another car which was also attacked a week earlier.

The family said the people behind the attacks were "animals".

Imelia Farbiszewska said: "We have no idea why this is happening. Everyone around us, all our neighbours, are really friendly.

"There is no words to describe those who are doing this - they are animals."

The children's father Marcin Zyczko added: "It's the car one time, then the house, I don't want to think about what could be next.

"We don't feel safe in this house. I go to work and just worry about what could happen."

Imelia added: "We just don't want to live here anymore.

"We can't bring the children back and we can't sleep in this house.

"It's really possible something bad could happen to us."

The family told UTV they could not be certain if a racist element was behind the attacks.

Police said they are still investigating a possible motive and have appealed for information.

© UTV News
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jackie in belfast wrote (290 days ago):
Disgusting story again, feel so sorry for this family. Everyone knows who controls this estate, will be interested to see if the police make any arrests.
James Calwell in Limavady wrote (290 days ago):
We all have a moral obligation to get on with our neighbours and welcome those who come here to try and have opportunity and a better life. The insular mindset of those who attack anyone who appears different is widespread in this country and I am ashamed of it. Politicians and community leaders have to condemn these acts quickly every time an attack happens. The message has to go out that this is wrong!
paul in newtownabbey wrote (291 days ago):
Hello, such an attack is not the only one in the district newtownabbey burnthill gardens about two weeks ago attacked the house of a Polish family with two children, and the worst is that the police are not doing completely nothing. I'm ashamed of Northern Irish community watching the feature film.
Joanne Stewart in Belfast wrote (291 days ago):
I would describe this incident as a malicious hate crime. As I have a friend who attended my secondary school, who was Polish, I feel very strongly about this. The family were not doing any harm, and anyone who thinks that Polish and Pakistani people steal Northern Ireland's employment, are talking nonsense. My uncle was a builder, and because he could not find employment in NI, he worked in Russia and Africa. Thank you very much UTV for sharing this report, and hopefully that police will catch the culprits. I always believe if you've done the crime, you pay the time.
norman.d in bangor wrote (291 days ago):
Sad that people coming here for a better life are not allowed in Belfast a city of hatred towards each other in parts of the city no doubt the same people who carried out this attack will go to Spain for their holidays how would they feel if attacked on holiday because of were they come from
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