Arrest for 'drink driving a horse'

Published Tuesday, 22 April 2014
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A man has been arrested on suspicion of being drunk in charge of a horse.

Arrest for 'drink driving a horse'
Police are investigating the incident. (© UTV)

The 44-year-old was detained after police received information that two men got into a horse and trap near a public house in Feeny, Co Londonderry, shortly after 10.30pm on Sunday.

The pair were stopped a short distance away and one of the men was arrested.

He was later released pending further enquiries.

© UTV News
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no laughting matter in ards wrote (282 days ago):
its like a story from fools and horses, but this not funny , he put the horse in danger as well as other road users. the police where right to deal with him in such a manner, I am sure if something had happened the moaners on here would be on blaming the police for neglect of duty?
Jim in Carrickfergus wrote (282 days ago):
No horse on my driving licence categories so why the drinking and driving headline? Lets get it correct drunk in charge of a horse £100 fine end of
Marty in Co antrim wrote (283 days ago):
Taxi paul, perhaps if you read my comment, you would see my disgust at the continued running down of the police, i did mention the possible consequences, ie someone drunk in charge of a horse could veer into oncoming traffic, or a pedestrian? I hope you read my comment again and understand it. As for civic duty, people run down the police daily, the people in communiities all know of, or at least hear rumours of criminals, ie drug dealers, burglars, where drus are dealt etc etc. by lettin the police know this info, action can be taken. I am more than aware of clearance rates etc but dismayed by people ranting about the police without actually inputting to society to make it a much better place. As for this particular thread, there would be outrage had the individual caused a death due to intoxication. Feel free to admit you took up my comment incorrectly
Taxi Paul in Belfast wrote (283 days ago):
@Marty in Co antrim & psni is laughable in Belfast. I am not laughing. As a taxpayer I am paying for the PSNI. The legal alcohol limit is there for a reason and it does not matter if its a lorry, bus, car, horse or push bike all can do damage @Marty in Co antrim What has civic duty got to do with the PSNI failures in tackling car thefy, robbery, burglary, hard drugs and other crimes. The PSNI gets far more support than the RUC and yet the clearance rates for many types of crimes are rising. Well done the officers involved for protecting the public.
Marty in Co antrim wrote (283 days ago):
Psni is laughable, are you having a laugh? The law allows a certain amount of alcohol in system in relation to being on the road, be it car, cycle, bike or horse. Its like that for a reason, do i have to paint a picture? For you, perhaps!! Driving the horse on road drunk, veers into oncoming car and someone dies? Or perhaps into a person pushing a pram? As for the comments re 'house breakers' were is your civic duty? Have you passed any information on, be it re criminals or drugs, what have you done?
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