Appeal for homes for abandoned pets

Appeal for homes for abandoned pets

A County Down animal sanctuary has made a new year appeal to help find homes for hundreds of unwanted, but very loveable pets.

Volunteers at Assisi Animal Sanctuary have said that despite the annual warnings about pets being bought as Christmas presents, many have still been abandoned come the new year.The sanctuary, just outside Bangor, has been filled to capacity after Christmas and has around 150 animals in need of a new home.Heather Weatherup manager at the centre told UTV: "Animals that have been abandoned are left very confused."One minute they are at home, they have a sofa to lie on, they have food and company and then they're just left."They have no idea what has happened to them."She added: "Everybody wants the cute kitten, the fluffy puppy or the baby rabbit as a Christmas present."But if you did do that and now you are thinking what am I going to do? How am I going to look after the animal now everybody is back to school?"Just don't give up, please come up and speak to us."We'll try and help and put something in place where you can still keep that pet because there will already be a bond."These animals didn't ask to be born, they didn't ask to be abandoned - humans did that to them."We are here to help them through that transition period."We'll find out as much as we can about them and we'll try and place them in the best home that is suitable for them and the family in hope that for the rest of the animals life they have a fantastic time."


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