Adams contacts police over McConville

Published Monday, 24 March 2014
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Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has asked a lawyer to contact police on his behalf to establish if detectives want to speak to him about the IRA murder of Belfast mother-of-10 Jean McConville, who was one of the so-called Disappeared.

Adams contacts police over McConville
Mr Adams has contacted police through his lawyer. (© Getty)

The Co Louth TD was responding to speculation that police might want to question him after veteran republican Ivor Bell was refused bail on Saturday.

The 77-year-old from Ramoan Gardens in west Belfast is alleged to have been a senior member of the provisional IRA during the 1970s when Mrs McConville was abducted and murdered.

He is charged with aiding and abetting her murder as well as membership of the IRA.

The court heard officers moved against the pensioner on the basis of an interview he had allegedly given researchers compiling a Troubles archive at Boston College in America - tapes a US court ordered to be handed over to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Other republicans interviewed for the Boston College project have alleged Mr Adams had a role in ordering Mrs McConville's death.

From 2001, researchers Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre spoke with republican and loyalist paramilitaries as part of an oral history of the Troubles.

Ex-IRA member Dolours Price was one of the interviewees, and it is claimed the former prisoner discussed the disappearance of Jean McConville.

Mr Adams has always denied any involvement in her murder.

Let me repeat. What happened to Jean McConville was a terrible injustice. I was not involved in any part of it. If the PSNI wish to talk to me on this matter I am available to meet them. I have asked my solicitor to contact them.

Gerry Adams

"I can understand the McConville family's anger and hurt given what they have been through and given what some anti-peace process former republican activists have been alleging," Mr Adams said in a statement.

The former west Belfast MP called the Boston Oral History project "entirely bogus, shoddy and self-serving", adding that interviewers Moloney and McIntyre are "vitriolic critics and opponents" of both him and his party.

"Some of the individuals interviewed have gone to great lengths to attack the republican struggle, the peace process and the political process through lies, distortions and personal attacks. The Boston History project is not a genuine oral history project," he added.

He reiterated his party's call for "an independent, international, truth recovery process" to deal with the past or moving forward on the Haass proposals.

On Friday, SF Vice President Mary Lou McDonald also accused Moloney and McIntyre of having a "political agenda" in choosing interviewees for the Boston project.

Responding in his blog, Moloney wrote that he had long been accused of political bias by Sinn Féin, but argued this was just an old "public relations trick designed to intimidate other members of the media by demonstrating what could happen to them if they followed my example and probed too deeply".

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realistic in planet earth wrote (308 days ago):
no chance of knowing the truth about adams whilst he is still in politics...... maybe he'll do a paisley and tell more when he retires or gets kicked out......
Stuart in Carrickfergus wrote (308 days ago):
Go ahead dorothy you complete idiot. Are you telling me this wont accomplish anything. What about the familys who need closure? If hes innocent he wont gave anything to worry about...
David in Belfast wrote (308 days ago):
@Dorothy Are you for real? You believe that if someone was found guilty of murdering people through terrorist acts, that they should go unpunished, due to time passing? What is the time frame that is appropriate for you? 5 years? 10 years? Or just a general its ok to kill someone, just don’t get caught for ‘a while’.
culchy in the stix wrote (308 days ago):
don't know which is the most dismaying, the lies, dirty tricks and hypocrisy of it all, or the picture of gerry there grinning like a cross between tony blair and a bord failte rep.
Ray in Belfast wrote (308 days ago):
The more we hear about Gerry the more we think HE DOES HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL ABOUT HIS PAST!!
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