‘Rare’ UVF items stolen in museum theft

Published Saturday, 01 March 2014
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Police have launched an investigation after a number of pictures and artefacts were stolen from a Somme museum in Co Down.

‘Rare’ UVF items stolen in museum theft
Police have appealed for information. (© UTV)

A number of historical UVF items and Home Rule pieces from the early 20th Century were stolen in the theft from the Somme Heritage Centre on the Bangor Road in Newtownards.

The incident happened before midday on Saturday.

Carol Walker, director of the Somme Association told UTV the items were both very rare and irreplaceable.

She said: "The items were all relating to the museum's collection of Ulster Volunteer Force memorabilia from 1913 and also items relating to the Home Rule crisis and the Ulster Covenant of 1912/13.

"So a very rich part of Ulster's history was stolen."

It is believed those who took the items may have been part of a group taking a tour of the centre and that a black car involved in the incident was seen making off from the scene.

© UTV News
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only see what you want in a story wrote (328 days ago):
A lot of amateur historians in here.
J in Northern Ireland wrote (328 days ago):
You lot on here are a complete joke. The very same people who sat arguing for a Shrine at the Maze are now the same people questioning a Museum for WW1 heroes! If any of you had one ounce of the bravery that those young boys had that fought and died during WW1 then you would be doing ok. You are a pack of sickening scum to go on a political rant on the graves of those poor young men. You should hang your heads in shame! absolutely cowardly behaviour!
Ryan in Belfast wrote (328 days ago):
Lets not forget that the Old UVF were just as much terrorists as the modern UVF are. The UVF was formed to prevent democracy and it also was going to go to war against the very state it was suppose to be loyal to, so they can also by regarded as traitors to Britain. This obviously doesn't excuse the theft of these items and they should be returned but everyone can see the history revisionism being played out here by Loyalists/Unionists. And the UVF weren't formed for WW1 either, the Home Rule Bill was before WW1.
To put it anotherway in Tyrone wrote (328 days ago):
@fcbman...Were those In the Asquith Government who passed the act not democratically elected by the majority of the electorate and therefore representing the wishes of the majority ?
the future in in England wrote (329 days ago):
@culchy in the stix, Sir you are correct in what you say, you have said truth I thank you sir.
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