£900k for Orange Order legacy project

Published Tuesday, 17 April 2012
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The Orange Order has been given close to £900,000 to deal with the legacy of the Troubles in the Protestant community.

£900k for Orange Order legacy project
Pat Colgan , Chief Executive of the Special EU Programmes Body (© Pacemaker)

The STRIPE Project (Stepping Towards Reconciliation in Positive Engagement) received £884,022 from the Special EU Programmes Body.

William McKeown, Grand Treasurer of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland said the programme hopes to "allow the Protestant communities to become more comfortable in themselves and feel able to move forward with inter-community and cross-border reconciliation".

"The STRIPE project aims to lead marginalised Protestant communities towards reconciliation through enabling them to understand their identity, evaluate their own experience during the Troubles and to understand how mistrust between the two main communities in Ireland has undermined good relations.

The cash will be used to fund the project until December 2014 and will employ seven full-time staff.

It is envisaged that this will equip the Protestant community with the ability to engage with the wider community and to encourage it to re-engage as equal partners as Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland moves forward.

William McKeown

The project will be based in Brownlow House in Lurgan and will specifically address issues in the interface and border areas of Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland, which the lodge said "suffered disproportionately during the Troubles".

Drew Nelson, Chairman of the Orange Community Network, said the lodge believes there is an imbalance within the Protestant community.

"This project is about capacity building in the Protestant community and we greatly appreciate the support of the Special EU Programmes Body.

"An exciting part of the project will be identifying young leaders, building their capacity and developing their skills so that they can play a full role in shaping society."

The PEACE III Programme promotes the involvement of all sections of society in the reconciliation process and Pat Colgan, Chief Executive of the Special EU Programmes Body added the STRIPE Project "is indicative of the great progress that has been made in Northern Ireland and Ireland over recent years".

"The project is truly regional in scope and with the planned outreach to over 400 local community groups it has the potential to engage a large number of people in PEACE III Programme related activities," he said.

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Ulysses32 in Belfast wrote (1,011 days ago):
Awww...aren't you precious. Better luck next time.
me in larne wrote (1,012 days ago):
i only repeated what you said !maybe if you didnt write nonsense i wouldnt have to repeat it !!
Ulysses32 in Belfast wrote (1,012 days ago):
Another nonsense, irrelevant comment once again demonstrates how easily things drift by above your head. Disagree with whatever you want, even nonsense you pluck out of mid-air. You need to reach a little higher, that's where clarity is.
me in larne wrote (1,014 days ago):
so Ulysses32 you make the point that the republicans wolfe tone and casement were protestants does that not make it a sectarian issue ? so going by your logic then the uvf or the lvf are not sectarian because they have catholics within their organisation ? sorry mate but i tend to disagree there
Ulysses32 in Belfast wrote (1,016 days ago):
"me" in larne, your comment about the GAA is relevant to the above story.....I can't think how. Now if you want to talk about glorifying anything, how about the Orange Order (relevant as the above story is them), carrying banner glorifying the likes of Noel Kinner? We could really get in deep about the contoversy of the likes of Stoneyford but you really don't have to dig deep with the Orange Order, do you? Anyway, glorifying republicans? The USA do it all the time. Even protestant ones. By the way you do know that a plethora of republicans were actually protestant, like Wolf Tone and Rger Casement. Perhaps you should rephrase your comment to fit your particular mindset as I doubt you could speak for a particular religion, a particular political persuasion but not a religion.
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