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House Rules

The comment section of this site is intended to be an area where you can read and engage in lively, rational discussion on any issue.

UTV is keen for the section to promote honest and forthright discussion of issues and to allow people of all opinions to express their views.

However in order to make the experience satisfying and rewarding for everyone involved, there are guidelines which UTV would ask you to adhere to.

Please note, comment forms on our stories remain open for 48 hours after stories are published. Use the 'Add a comment' button to display the form during this window. App users may still be able to comment on stories after commenting has closed on the site. All comments will be viewed by our moderators before appearing on the site.

Our moderators will assess the comments solely on the basis of the rules outlined below.

If they believe that the comment exceeds the boundaries outlined here, the comment will not appear. If a comment includes unacceptable elements, UTV reserves the right to edit or delete the comment.

UTV will not edit comments to change the meaning and spelling intended by the user.

All decisions and actions of our moderators are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Rules

Criteria which our moderators judge comments on include, but are not limited to, defamation, libel, racism, sectarianism, sexism, homophobia, obscenity, threatening language, impersonation or expressing support for a proscribed organisation, or otherwise offending taste and decency.

UTV will not publish or will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy.

Please refrain from making sweeping generalisations about sections of the community. UTV would ask users to find ways of sharing their views that do not feel divisive, threatening or inflammatory to others.

UTV will not publish or will consider removing any content that other users might find unacceptably offensive.

UTV would ask that you use your name on comments wherever possible. Again this helps to add to the mature and constructive debate on the site.

If for any reason you decide to use a pseudonym UTV would ask that you choose a name which is not offensive in any way and adheres to the boundaries outlined above.

UTV acknowledges constructive criticism of the material UTV publishes and/or broadcasts, but UTV will not allow misrepresentation of UTV and its journalists to be posted on the website.

Please do not use swear words in your comments.

UTV will not publish comments that are commercial or spam-like.

Users should not breach copyright restrictions by posting information in any form to which they do not hold the copyright.

Please try to ensure spelling, punctuation and grammar in your comments are of a suitable standard. Due to the substantial number of comments UTV receives, our moderators do not have the time to correct spelling.

Please do not post messages which are not related to the topic being discussed. UTV understands that discussions can widen beyond the original topic and is keen to foster debate, but comments which are irrelevant contribute nothing to the debate.

Please do not post the same comment a number of times. Once is sufficient. Our moderators check comments regularly and if you are patient it should appear within a reasonable period of time.

This might take longer depending on the volume of comments UTV receives every day. Moderation will also take longer at the weekend.

Most comments posted after 6.30pm will be moderated the following day.

These rules may be updated from time to time. It is your responsibility to check for, and adhere to, the updated rules.

Use of this site constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of the rules outlined.

Your name, location and comment will be displayed in the comment section if your post passes moderation.

UTV advises that you never disclose personal information about yourself and anyone else (including telephone number, home address or email address) through any posting on the website.

The growing number of comments posted on the website means UTV will not enter into correspondence regarding specific decisions made by moderators, although all correspondence will be read.

The views expressed in the comment section of the website in no way reflect those of UTV Ltd. UTV takes no responsibility for your posts on this site.

UTV reserves the right to delete any comment at any time if it judges the comment to be unsuitable for any reason. UTV also reserves the right to remove the comment form from our stories at any time and for any reasons.

Last updated 24/02/2016

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