Who are the biggest online fakers?

Who are the biggest online fakers?

More people are using online dating services to find their perfect partner, but often the face on the profile does not match the person in real life - This Morning asks who are the biggest online fakers?

Many online dating users have commented that men are lying about what they want from the experience and, more often than not, are harassing women for sex.

Meanwhile women are said to be too liberal with the truth when it comes to their dating profile pictures and their personalities.

Joining Phillip and Holly in the This Morning studio on Thursday, Gareth Brennan explained how he had been on over 230 dates with women he met online, but soon discovered that many were not as they seemed.

"Some of them were lovely girls...but your find out a lot more afterwards, they tend to not be telling the truth," he explained.

"I'm absolutely honest on my profile.

"I say that I don't like certain bigger people, that is my choice. At the end of the day I don't like stretch marks and I make it quite clear.

"If you want to date me, you know upfront what I'm expecting.

Writer Natasha Devon also joined in on the discussion after she researched online dating as an experiment.

She joined a site and accepted every date offer she received - leading to her going on 31 first dates over a six week period.

I had one girl who told me she had one kid and when I met her, she had five.

Gareth Brennan, online dater

"I was exhausted," she said.

"When you date someone, you're not you - you are kind of sending in your representative, all the best parts of you.

"There was an expectation that you would lie...that everyone would exaggerate and be economical with the truth."

Meanwhile, This Morning presenter Holly admitted during the discussion that she is guilty of online dating fakery.

She explained how she had, in a bid to find someone for her single friend, set up a dating profile for her.

Holly took over the profile and chatted to and arranged dates with men as her friend.

"The idea was that she would actually meet someone, it wasn't just a joke that we were doing," she said.

"But it was fake."

Following the debate 33% of This Morning viewers said they believe women are the biggest online fakers, while 67% believe it is men.


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