Wedding bells for the Dales' Kerry & Dan

Wedding bells for the Dales' Kerry & Dan

Life has never been a fairy tale for Emmerdale's Kerry Wyatt, but all that is about to change as her Prince Charming, Dan Spencer, pops the question.

After weeks of Kerry dropping some not-so-subtle hints and Dan dragging his feet, he finally decides to get down on one knee, though he doesn't quite get it right the first time round...Actress Laura Norton explains: "The first time Dan proposes he has the bright idea, along with his friend Bob, to propose with a crisp packet."She felt like he was making a massive joke out of it and he had been railroaded into it, so actually everything she had been veering towards, she just threw it back in his face."Realising that he really does want to marry Kerry and knowing he has to ask her in spectacular fashion to make up for his first attempt, Dan concocts a plan to do a skydive, complete with a banner asking Kerry to marry him.Laura said: "There's a fundraiser in the village and Kerry doesn't want to go because she's still in a huff with Dan about the whole proposal thing and him not being ready and saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".But with some of the other villagers in on Dan's plan, she gets dragged along ..."Kerry is annoyed about the skydive because it's something that she has always wanted to do and obviously she doesn't know what's behind the skydive, so she just thinks he is having a right laugh without her, so she becomes really jealous and childish."(But) when she sees the banner, once he has jumped out of the plane, her heart drops and she sprints across to see him and is absolutely delighted."Kerry's answer, obviously, is yes, it's all she's ever wanted, she is completely in love with him, and she's found her best friend."So now the couple are happily betrothed, what can viewers expect from Kerry and Dan's wedding?"Obviously nothing is plain sailing with Kerry, nothing is ever plain sailing with Dan, and so we can only imagine what may happen on this wedding day."I am very excited to see how (it) is going to pan out. I can only imagine what Kerry is going to look like..."Emmerdale airs on UTV weekdays from 7pm.


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