Tyrone man's starring role in Les Mis

Tyrone man's starring role in Les Mis

A Co Tyrone actor has burst onto the big screen with his film debut in Les Miserables, one of the most anticipated films of the year.

Fra Fee, from Killyman, plays Courfeyrac in the film, which has received eight Oscar nominations.

The world famous musical with a star-studded line-up including Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman opened on Friday.

Fra said it has been an amazing time for him and he is looking forward to enjoying the movie back home.

"I saw the world premiere on the 5th of December, which actually seems like quite a long time ago. So I am really excited for all my friends and family to finally get a chance to see it, so it is really, really special for them," he told UTV.

Fra had played the role of Courfeyrac - one of the revolutionary students - in the stage version of the movie, and he is just one of two actors chosen to transition onto the silver screen.

"I just feel very lucky that I was chosen because it was just the most incredible experience really," he said, adding that he worked closely with Eddie Redmayne and Russell Crowe.

"I play Courfeyrac who is one of the revolutionary students so I did a lot of work with Russell Crowe and Eddie Redmayne who plays Marius."

"The first time [Russell] came on the set and you are just thinking 'That's Gladiator!'" said Fra.

So with a critically acclaimed film under his belt, Fra said he is hoping to continue his work in film.

"I really enjoyed the screen work. It was something that I had never done before and as I said, I felt I could relate to."


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