Tyrone discovers the truth about Maria

Tyrone discovers the truth about Maria

After weeks of being manipulated by Maria, Tyrone finally discovers the truth about his friend.

Following her break up with Marcus, Maria found comfort with Tyrone and in her emotionally unstable state began messaging him from an unknown mobile phone number, under the pretence that it was Kirsty.As Maria's been positioning herself as Tyrone's shoulder to cry on, Fiz has become increasingly suspicious of their relationship, much to Tyrone's irritation."It's frustrating when she starts to suspect something because Tyrone is oblivious to Maria's intentions," said actor Alan Halshall. "He thinks she's just being ridiculous."When Maria tried to kiss Tyrone immediately after her break up, he took it as a silly mistake due to the fact she was in such a bad way.But Tyrone is genuinely shocked when Maria, after summoning him to her flat, tells him that she is in love with him.Alan explained: "He's not the brightest and when he realises that Maria has tricked him in to coming round to hers he's horrified."Tyrone is plunged into further disbelief when it dawns on him that Maria is behind the vicious texts he has been receiving from 'Kirsty'."It's disturbing for Tyrone as he trusted Maria and to find out that his friend is the one that has caused his family so much fear and heartache is horrible."Tyrone is really angry with Maria especially because she tried to come between him and Fiz."He's disgusted with her behaviour and can't stand to be around her. The woman he's looking at isn't his friend she's a stranger. He feels like he doesn't know her."Tyrone may finally know the truth, but is it too late to salvage his relationship with Fiz in the wake of Maria's actions?"Tyrone has a lot of making up to do," confirmed Alan. "He didn't believe Fiz when she thought something was going on and Fiz also thinks he should have known something wasn't right with Maria. "They love each other though so I hope they can get over this."Coronation Street airs on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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